26 Candles!!!!! Its My Birthday So You Know I Wanna Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide Out...

Thanking God for seeing me through another year of wholeness, health, strength & surrounding me with LOVE!!!!!!

26 Candles-26-Years

26 Fun Facts About Me...

  1. I have an unnatural fear of creepy crawly things, been that way all my life. It's like I have a sixth sense & can feel them before I even SEE them lol o.O In the 2nd grade on a school field trip a ladybug flew on the girl sitting next to me and I stood up screaming & flapping my arms as if it had just assaulted ME! It never touched me. Everyone on the school bus laughed @ me!!!
  2. I have a weird obsession with not getting in an unmade bed. My bed can go unmade ALL DAY but before bedtime I go through the whole bedding ensemble ritual LOL
  3. I'm convinced I'm the ONLY black girl who was born without RHYTHM! Can't find a beat to save my life...
  4. I NEVER learned to ride a bike! According to my parents children were being "abducted" around that time and they were looking out for my safety *blank stare* mmm hhmm, yeah.
  5. I didn't get my ears pierced until I was in the 6th grade!!!!
  6. I have "selective" memory! You can tell me your name 500 times but I still may end up asking "what's your name again?"
  7. I'm NOT a good LIAR!!! (which is funny now b/c I use to get whoopings for lying as a kid lol) I will tell on myself in a heartbeat. Even if its a little "white" lie I always feel like something bad will happen, my palms get all sweaty & my nerves are shot LOL
  8. I use to be terrified of midgets! I had a dream once that I was in a dark movie theater alone...I heard ppl talking, I looked around and there were midgets in EVERY seat! I woke up sweating lol
  9. I've NEVER been out the south but I've been to just about every bordering southern state.
  10. I've only flown once & that was to Missouri.
  11. I am directionally challenged!!! I still get lost in my OWN city LOL! Although I've lived here my entire life I am the LAST person you'd want to ask for directions.
  12. I've NEVER been drunk...a little tipsy maybe but NEVER drunk...hell I really don't drink but I'd LOVE to get WASTED just once!
  13. I will burst into song @ any given moment! I can relate any given situation to a song LOL
  14. TRUST is very important to me, once you lose my TRUST you'll probably NEVER gain in back.
  15. I'm a total loner! Being around ppl too long pretty much annoys me lol, I think I've gotten comfortable with that and to some existent it scares me....
  16. I never got over the death of my beloved kitten Misty who was MURDERED by the neighbors. That BITCH!!!
  17. My very first concert was "Immature" I was a die heart Romeo fan lol
  18. I'm convinced Mint Condition will sing @ my wedding if they're still alive, whenever that happens. I loooooove me some Stokely Williams LOL
  19. I have a fascination with pretty/metro men like Prince & Micah Stallionaire lol, I'm just mesmerized by their purple auras LOL
  20. I've been in 2 physical fights, 5th & 6th grade! And I STILL look back at those memories and laugh my ass off!!!
  21. In elementary school I use to think I was an honorary member of TLC. I knew and STILL know every lyric to EVERY song. I use to slick my baby hair down like Chilli's LMAO!
  22. I'm VERY sensitive but I've learned/learning not to take things too seriously
  23. It takes a helluva LOT to make me mad but if a tear runs down this face in the midst of my anger....you BETTER RUN!
  24. I'm not superstitious but I'm terrified of anything "paranormal"...I don't doubt that they exist but I DON'T need to see them lol
  25. I'm ADDICTED to carmex! I literally have a backup for my backup...(its a helluva drug)
  26. I LOVE ME SOME ME! I'm in love with the way God made me, I'm in love with my characteristics and my sweet sweet SOUUUUL! OWWWW! and there's nothing or no one that could make me feel any different!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all my fellow SCORPIO's and don't be TARDY FOR THE PARTY!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy yourself!!!

  2. Thank You Ladies :o)

    Patricia, how the heck are you? Its been awhile! I hope all is well!

  3. I am good girl..I hope you are well too..Happy holidays!!

  4. Loved this post. So funny and entertaining. Especially where you stated how you love you some you. LOL. That's whats up. Self-love is the BEST. I hear everyone speak of Mint Condition. I will have to check 'em out.

    Me too @ Carmex addiction.

    Happy Belated, Odara.

  5. Thanks Don! and Thanks for dropping by :o) OMG you've never heard a Mint Condition song?

  6. when reading this, it scares me how much we have in common :-/

  7. ^^lol are we long lost sisters?

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  9. Thank you for all the great posts from last year! I look forward to reading your blog, because they are always full of information that I can put to use. Thank you again, and God bless you in 2010.

  10. Happy Birthday.