Random Shat....

What's going on with me???

*sigh* «--- That's actually a refreshing sigh! I'll be starting school back next year and although I'm excited I'm also a little nervous :-( mainly because it's been a minute since I've been in a classroom. The good part? I only have about 6 classes to take in order to finish my degree (Associates) The bad part? These 6 classes are some of the one's I've been running from lol! Science & MATH being two of them. *cries* Math is SOOOOOO not my subject and I KNOW I'll be needing a tutor, but I'm gonna (wo)MAN up and tackle that damn class. Oh but it gets more interesting....just as soon as I finish up this degree, I'll be heading right back to school to complete my BA *pray for me* I've had more than enough time off and I am finally READY to do this so I can move closer towards where I want to be.

On to the fun stuff...

For those of you that don't know, I do art in my spare time. Graphics, Visual, Abstracts and other different mediums. It's been a minute since I've picked up a pencil or paintbrush but I'm actually in the works of a new project and will share it with you guys shortly!!!

Oh, I also have ANOTHER website lol. I've had it for over a year but I just relaunched it. It's a beauty blog that focuses on skincare amongst other things. I'm happy to announce that I'll be promoting a giveaway next week on the site! So make sure you drop through and check us out Gimme That Glow.

Crap that makes me ill...

Uhhh...yeah...just a few things I've been meaning to mention.

I knooooow I'm not the best speller in the world but...it REALLY annoys me when ppl use words that should be a completely different word. Its one thing to mispell something but to use a word REPEATEDLY like you just KNOW its correct really irks me. Some people get offended by the @grammarpolice but I actually WELCOME them LOL. My thing is this if you see that I've made a mistake, by all means, CORRECT me so I don't KEEP doing that shit LOL! In general, misspellings I can let slide because I do it ALL the time too! But misuse of a word???

Prime example...On my Twitter Timeline I've been seeing NUMEROUS ppl misuse the word "brought"

"Yeah, girl I brought that new Jay-Z album yesterday."

*blank stare* You did what? You "brought" it where??? Like did you BRING something or did you BUY it??? I'm confused.

You still have no clue what I'm talking about??? That's quite alright because 9 times out of 10 you probably do this ALL the time. So let me drop a little knowledge for you.

The difference between brought and bought:

Bought: is the past tense of "to buy"
"Jeremy bought a new computer for $500"

Brought is the past tense of "to bring"
"Katherine brought several bottles of wine to the party"

Got it? Get it? GOOD! Now don't do that shit no more :-)

Another word I notice a lot is definAtely.... ummm excuse you??? what the fuck is that??? it's NOT a word. There is no "a" in the word D.E.F.I.N.I.T.E.L.Y.

Conversate is ALSO not a word....errr ummm but shit I like it so I have no gripes with that one LMAO!

I hate when ppl say "sweetie", that word should be eliminated from existence. It should be against the law to call a grown person "sweetie"


  • Ummm why haven't Chance and Real picked their hoes yet? It seems like that shits been on all damn year.
  • Soooo Ghey Ray J's Season 2 starts on Nov. 2nd. I'll be doing the recaps, are y'all gonna watch it with me???
  • The fuckery continues!! "I want to work for Diddy" is coming back with a 2nd season as well. I'll be front row and center for this mess LOL!!!
  • Monique's show is pure effin' foolishness!!! Why the hell is she always yelling??? I honestly TRIED To give that shit a chance but its BORING....I was actually going to go to a taping of the show since its in my city but ummmm she makes her audience HUG themselves *side eye* just my luck the day I go we'll all be wearing snuggies. LMAO!
  • Speaking of SNUGGIES....get ready for this....I actually tried one!!! HAHAHAH!!! It was soooooo soft and warm, I took a little cat nap in it. BEST sleep EVERrrrrr. I'm gonna buy one, *don't judge me*

ehhhh I think that's it for now...tootles!!!


  1. real and chance aint picked a hoe yet, CUZ THEY ARE A COUPLE!!!

  2. LMAO!!!! Heeey Fonzy and LOL @ you just poppin' out the bushes! Where have YOU been?

    umm yeah ditto they both GHEY!

  3. I was wondering why Monique yells at everyone too! I can't watch the show...I feel like she's mad at me lol. And I'm excited for your Ray J recaps. These girls are something else lol!

  4. Hey Angelina!!! How have you been? Girl!! IDK if I can endure Ray J this season lol I have to catch up if I plan on doing the recaps but I just don't know, those girls are already a mess and some of them remind me of the ones last season.

    and LMAO @ Monique being mad @ you HAHAHA yeah she sounds real angry LOL