Random Fie Foe Fandom....

Man I know I've been hella neglectful around these parts and that's mainly because my mind has been all over the place lately. So if you will, I invite you to indulge in a few of my thoughts @ the moment....

If you read this blog, then you know that there's always one common link in the majority of my random posts. Which is the fact that
I HATE MY JOB! So lets get that part out the way first, shall we?!

I received ANOTHER rejection letter this past weekend. I don't understand why I still get upset about the shit, frankly I should be use to it by now. But the shits still MAD depressing. In fact I'm on the verge of tears typing this sentence. I don't know if the job market is just THAT over saturated or if I'm looking in the wrong places. Either way, its hard and MAD cold out here. This is my THIRD time going through the SAME scenario. Getting a SECOND interview and STILL.....NOTHING. I don't get it, what's intriguing them to call me back a second & third time? And what's holding me back from getting the job offer? Alright, enough of that before I get mad :o/ Moving along...

In brighter news I've been stepping up my music game...

A couple people put me on to Nicki Minaj and OH.EM.GEE I love her! I'm not gonna even lie, when I first heard of her I wrote her off, wasn't even interested in giving her ish a listen. It's VERY few rappers that I like and can actually tolerate and female rappers??? Shit I was skeptical. But after hearing 2 songs I was HOOKED, LMAO!!! She's different. I like her. The female Drake? Maybe so. Maybe no. We'll see.

Oh and I was ranting on twitter the other day about me listening to one of her songs 5 times back to back :-O and lets just say Twitterville APPROVES THIS MESSAGE! HAH!

eleven8 @ODARA112 YES!!!! thank u & tell a friend...i have made u a Barbie haha

necolebitchie @ODARA112 o m gee you are now a barbie bitch! @nickiminaj would be so proud!

So make sure you check her out, you can cop here mixtapes "Sucka Free" & "Beam Me Up Scotty"; HERE and HERE.

A few of my FAVE songs of the moment....

shout out to Alise for putting me on to that Slum Village song! =)

Hmm...What Else??? Reality TV DUH! LOL!

The Frankie & Neffe Show (BET)

I watched the Neffe & Frankie show last night! And it was WAY better than I expected. I thought it was gonna be just straight up fuckery but they proved me wrong. Maaannnnn let me just say this, we may talk about these chics b/c we're so used to seeing them in a negative light but its amazing to see just how much they've grown & changed over the last couple seasons. And you can say what you want but you can't call either one of these women phony, their about as real as it gets. Definitely gotta give Keyshia her props for standing by her family despite the circumstances, not too many people could walk in her shoes. I guess my only gripe about last night's show was Frankie and her so called "friends". What in the figgity fuck is she doing hanging around men that look like 17yr olds??? I don't get it. I truly hope Neffe reached her in that meeting with their life coach, b/c she's 110% on point. You can change but its also about the company you keep, she's gotta get those negative people out of her life in order to move forward. Oh annnnd um....Did y'all catch Frankie when she said she pays her own bills??? LOL!!! Jigga What??? Jigga Who??? Um yeah....

The Shark Tank (ABC)

Do NOT sleep on this show!!! I honestly thought it was gonna be DULL...WRONG! It kinda puts you in the mindset of that other show that was on a few years back, American Inventor. But the stakes and offers are much more interesting.
Entrepreneurs and people with business ventures, innovative ideas etc. get a chance to present their product and possibly have it manufactured and profit from it. The coolest part about this show is that its NOT just talk, the money and the offers are LITERALLY on the table and the contestants only have a few minutes to decide whether or not they'll accept the deals. Ohhhh and what's a reality show without the drama and backstabbing right? Well this shows full of it LOL!

Dating In The Dark (ABC)

What a clever show this is!!!! I actually stumbled across this by accident. It's kinda like a dating experiment type of thing. On each episode they pick 3 women and 3 men, all of which get to interact with each other to see who's most compatible with who. BUT there's a twist!!!! They don't actually get to SEE each other until the end of the experiment. They are LITERALLY sitting in a dark room and are forced to judge each other off of everything except looks! LOL! Which brings new meaning to the term "Love Is Blind".... They each get to chose the person they feel like they've connected the most with then that person is revealed to them in the light! And THAT's the funny part, because the MAJORITY of them change their minds after they see what the other looks like. The thing that KILLS me about this show is that some of them ACTUALLY kiss each other before they even see the person...what the hell??? Sham-YACK! I guess this just brings light to how how vein human nature can be. At the end of the day looks do matter, there HAS to be some type of physical connection, there's no denying that.

eehhh... I think that's all for now, promise to be back soon!


  1. Shark Tank is the business!!! I love it! And I'm not typically into shows like that...I hated American Inventor...but this show has some extra drama and I find myself cheering for the people when they make deals.

    And Frankie and Neffie was surprisingly good to me too! Neffie needs to grow up, look in the mirror, and realize she's almost 50! Wtf is she doing with some 20 year olds? They are obviously hanging around her for the wrong reasons!

  2. After seeing the commercials I really intended to give that Shark Tank show a look...but I forgot! I'm not a huge TV watcher and when I watch it tends to be medical and law dramas (I stan for Law & Order even after all these years), news shows (Anderson Cooper is so yum), or late night (the Roots are the best thing in late night TV). Anyhow, I had decided I was not going to make time for the Frank and Nef trainwreck since I haven't fully recovered from Being Bobby Brown. I might reconsider after all the good things you had to say. Great blog!