"Monday Mixxer"

So you guys know I'm a Reality TV Show Junkie!!! And since there's nooooooo way I can RECAP all of them, I'm just gonna take this time out to drop my concerns on some of the shows I do watch....

First up,

MTB4.....or as I like to call it "Diddy Destroying Dreams Pt. 4".....

Personally I think somethings wrong with the boy....

and when I say somethings WRONG...I mean like two chromosomes away from being schizo or bi-polar...It's so obvious that his issues are far beyond what meets the eye.

Exhibit A:

It all started off as a lightweight brawl or misunderstanding he had with a random cab driver who he "claims" disrespected or slammed the door on his girl Dawn's finger...Soooo we all gave him the benefit of doubt right? Because hey they ARE in New York and it's no secret that the Cabbies are RUDE....

hmmm...but here's when we start to get a little bit optimistic over that logic.....

Exhibit B:

So apparently the two "lovebirds" were strolling the "pleasant" streets of the NYC getting their "cupcake" on, when all of a sudden they were JACKED by three unknown assailants who robbed them and took off with their personal belongings....once again I tried to pass this off as maybe a stroke of bad luck? hmmm yeah maybe?!

But soon I began to question my own reasons for trying to make logic out of the remainder of events which soon followed....

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

Exhibit...ahh hell I lost count

Notice the TREND in the evidence? Dude is starting beef with EVERYONE!!! and STAYS pointing the finger @ anyone in sight...Now some may blame it on poor "editing" but I call bullsh#t....Que is PARANOID......Fights with cab drivers, three unknown assailants, two of your group members annnnnnnd your MANAGER are NOT all just coincidental...it's something DEEPER and everyone realizes this EXCEPT Que....lol...

I'm just gonna need Dawn to do a better job @ hiding her panties because OBVIOUSLY her boo has been trying them on...LMAO!

Oh and for all you ladies that are madly in love with Lil' Ginuwine "Baby Hair" Jr. AKA Willie...If you're not following him on Twitter you may wanna start -----> Willie_Day26 <------ because for the last couple of days he's been saying that he'll call the first 5 people who drop him their digits via twitter...so if ya' wanna talk to ya boy GET ON IT....PRONTO!!!

Up Next....

Celebrity Apprentice.....

I think it's pretty much safe to say that "raccoon hair" has officially lost his damn mind...So last night each team had to create a commercial for the laundry detergent brand "ALL" using various resources...yeeeeeeeeah the commercials were dumb as hell annnnd the Network HATED their ideas...LOL...so I understand the reasoning behind eliminating two contestants last night since both teams equally SUCKED! But I was in f*cking utter SHOCK @ not just the two ppl he decided to boot BUT the reasoning behind his choices....

Tionne aka T-Boz....He gave her the boot because she volunteered to come back into the board room to support Melissa Rivers. And according to Trump he previously canned a prior contestant for doing the same thing. Made nooooo f*cking sense @ all!!!

Klhoe Kardashian....he brought up her infamous DUI incident which she was charged for in the past and he wasn't amused by the fact that she had once been arrested for this. But he still donated $20k to her charity.

So the whole T-Boz thing was Random & Stoooopid but here's what concerns me about him firing Khloe. For starters he acted as if this was his first time finding out about the whole DUI thing which may be the case.....but in my opinion that's totally HIS fault for not researching her history or doing a background check on the girl...I know it's a game but wouldn't a REAL employer do that? It's not like they asked her about it & she lied...He got rid of two people who were actually assets to the show. His decision was irrational and 100% based on "personal" feelings alone; had absolutely nothing to do with their performance nor their work ethic....(sounds WAY too familiar lmao) needless to say I won't be watching the remainder of this season...it needs a little more "pigment" in it to keep my attention if you know what I mean...LOL


College Hill....

This is one of the VERY reasons why I stopped watching BET a loooong time ago!!! Besides the fact that the majority of their shows are EXTREMELY dull...when they do have semi-interesting shows it's usually a complete and utter mess...lol...

Geez...this show hasn't been on but a good hot second & ninjas are ALREADY fighting. Which was bound to happen anyway with 8 black folks living in the same damn house...sad but true. This is the VERY same reason why there will NEVER be an all black cast on shows like "The Real World" haha!!! I don't feel like going into great detail about all this nonsense so I'm just gonna drop my concerns on last weeks episode in the form of Why's...(and YES I jacked the why concept from my e-people
Bammy & Chrissy over @ 2 Ditzy Broads <-------- It's all love!!! and if you've never peeped their site make sure you go check it out....especially on Why Wednesdays)

  • Why...BET keep coming back with more seasons of this show???
  • Why...they don't comprehend that 8 nigg@s under 1 roof is a disaster waiting to happen???
  • Why...it's been a physical altercation EVERY season????
  • Why...them hoes was arguing over how many pageants they been in???
  • Why...they both act like lil' ghetto miss teen usa contestants???
  • Why...I still don't get how this argument started but I bet it was dumb as fuck???
  • Why...I only watched this episode cuz I wanted to see the fight???
  • Why...I was greatly disappointed @ the outcome of events???
  • Why...I already knew the lil' Jamaican chic was a lil' Rihanna waiting to happen???
  • Why...when ole' girl picked up that poole stick my eyes got wide as hell???
  • Why...I woulda KILT that trick AFTER she put that shit down lmfao! ???
  • Why...she did ALL that popping off @ the mouth & picking up objects & didn't do shit???
  • Why...the Jamaican chic jumped in the air when she took off and threw the first hit???
  • Why...she only pulled her hair tho???
  • Why...I was greatly disappointed @ the hair pulling???
  • Why...I wanted to see a REAL fight???
  • Why...I woulda paid to see the ghey dude Kyle whoop boff of they asses???
  • Why...when island girl pulled Terri's hair I was VERY concerned for her edges???
  • Why..I wish she was as concerned for her edges as I was since they already looked like victims of abuse???

  • Why...Me & MissOMG have already concluded that Milan is really Angel Lola Luv in a disguise & a deflated booty???

I loooooooooooove the F*ckery!!!


  1. Bwahahaha damn girl this was funny as hell. You know I got my views about this shit.

    MTB4- Que is a crackhead. Period! Wille makes my panties moist. I follow him and send him little crazy messages on twitter. I heart this man.

    Trump and his boring show- Don't watch it

    College Hill- I wrote BET a letter for my Fail Friday post because like you said, you can't put a bunch of strange black folks under one roof. Shit isn't gonna work. Patches *Terri* was popping off trying to be the baddest bitch on set and island girl *I still can't claim her* tried to shut her up. I too was concerned about the state of Patches hair, because her roots don't seem strong enough for a hair pulling. And Kyle should have started girl fighting by swinging his arms and bowing his head. Just hit whoever was in the damn way.

    So it's Monday and we got to do this all over again. lol

  2. lmao girl!!! you know I see you stalking Willie on there HAHA!!! and DEAAAAAAD @ you calling ole girl Patches....bwahahaah!!! I can't wait for Ray J tonight!

  3. lmaoooo @ the que shit, too funny and you GOOFY LMAO

  4. This was too funny..
    lol@VI Chick for the Patches comment..That is so true though. Her edges need to be rushed to the ER...
    QUE is so not cute and on top of that he is crazy. Maybe Que and Danger should hook up...Two psychos can cancel each other out..Their show can be called For the Love Of A Crazy AZZ..
    Waiting for your Ray J recap...

  5. Where's the Ray J Recap:(

  6. LOL!! Hey Anon & Patricia...I'm being lazy....I'll have it up tonight!

  7. 1. Que is definitely crazy. I think he's schizo. Dawn needs to set him straight.

    2. I can't believe T-Boz was fired! I think the producers wanted to see more drama on the show and she wasn't bringing it. At least she won her task when she was project manager.

    3. Terri needs to worry about those edges and she should've invested in a better weave. I can't imagine her winning any pageants looking (and acting) like that!