"For The Love Of Ray J:Ep. 9"


If you all missed this one...well gotdammit you missed out!!!! lol...This episode SOLIDIFIED Ray J's WACKassedNESS.....So this go round was all about the ladies (and I do use the term "ladies" lightly) meeting the people who were very near & dear to his heart....which of course were his friends & family... ***sigh*** I am so mad @ him for including his ENTIRE family in this bullsh#t!!! First off this show is NOT serious enough for him to make those girls meet his whole damn family...But as usual I'm gonna sum up the events & give you guys my take on it...

First "Meet & Greet" he introduces the chics to his Grandmother, Cousin & his God Sister (how many god sisters he got???)

So during their little lunch...Ray J gave his fam the opportunity to grill each girl and ask them a few questions...Here's what stood out to me...

Unique....although out of the three I STILL like her the most...but I STILL wanted to smack the shit outta her for putting up that dumbass "good girl" front...Didn't matter what the hell they asked her...because she STAYED telling them "I'm old fashioned"..."I'm the kinda girl who'd be @ home cooking for my man"....Girl Bye! PLEASE STFU!!!!

Cocktail...this broad is no where near believable to me...I don't get why she's still in the competition...she's so damn phoney...this chic LIES and cosigned with Unique's "good girl" act talkin' about she's old school & was raised in a catholic home womp..womp..WOMP!!!

Danger...as usual the bitch was just damn weird...they asked her about that dumbass TAT on her face then she goes over to grandma so she can get a closer look @ the shit...

"unh...unh...I don't see the tiger"

LMFAO!!!!! grandma got jokes!

Alright so up next he takes them to meet his "friends"...which was one of the most hilarious parts of the damn episode.

So apparently Ray J's "entourage" or whatever is very ummm different? The ninja hangs out with Warren G. & muthafuckin' TOM GREEN <<---- lmao!!! where in the HELL did they dig his ass up from??? Unique & Cocktail were just BORING as hell....So lets jump to the not so boring part...the lady who never has a dull moment.....none other than....


So instantly she's connecting with some of Ray's pals and coincidentally she discovers that they have a few "mutual" friends in common...Apparently she actually went on a date or "hung out" with this character....LOL

Annnnd if that wasn't enough....

She got in an argument with this chic above after admitting to smashing one of Ray J's homeboys....LMFAO!!! But I mean eventho I don't care for the girl; in her defense she had no clue this dude had any ties to Ray J...so that shit is really irrelevant. But nonetheless Ray J's crew gave him the rundown about what she said...and our pal TOM GREEN debuted the new hit song that's currently stuck in all of our heads...LOL


(check the 3:39 mark for the infamous song LOL)

Oh and don't get it twisted...my girl Lil'muthafuckin' B...was STILL in the building....lmfao she was just laying low this episode...

Soooo.....now the girls get to meet his parents....(YIKES) They all met pops before in a previous episode so none of them were worried about him....HOWEVER...

Mom Dukes was a different story...she had the hoes shaking in there boots...LOL...So since I have so much I want to address about this broad I'm just gonna drop my concerns below...

  • Whaaaaaaaat the FUCK was up with that dry ass jherrie curl she was rocking???
  • Who cosigned that shit???
  • Was she FUCKING serious??? LMAO!!!
  • Why are my instincts telling me that Ray J's a lil' punk ass mamas boy???
  • Why was she acting like that lil' nigg@ is a prize???
  • "I can tell in 30seconds if a woman is good for my son or not" WTF was that about???
  • Why I get the feeling she's a little bit loonier than Danger???
  • Why I also get the feeling that Papa Norwood be wearing her panties because OBVIOUSLY she's wearing the pants....LOL
  • Why I woulda quit the show after she told them girls "if somethings wrong with my baby send him home to his mama"???
  • Why that solidified her looniness???
Since I can talk about her Crazy ass all day...lets just keep it moving to the individual convos she had with each girl....

  • Cocktail...Snitching & fake as susual
  • Unique...Still womping about her "good girl" image...talkin' about she's in the choir @ church and she's a PRUDE...BLAH...BLAH...BLAH....
  • Danger...still a looney ass broad!!!
So her ass starts crying & shit talking about she's emotional because she just started her period....W......T......F.....??? HAHA!!! Then she goes into some dumbass childhood story about getting punched in the face as a baby because of the way she looked....oooookay?!

Needless to say Mommy Dearest wasn't impressed with any of the girls. And when Ray J asked her what she thought about the 3 of them...this was her response....

A big Hell No to all of them...LMFAO!!! Her logic...she didn't think he would be safe with Danger, she didn't think Unique would be true to him and I guess she didn't really give a shit about Cocktail...

So finally it's elimination night...

and in the midst of Ray J making his decision...Ms. Drama Queen starts getting "sick"! "can you wrap it up cuz i'mma die...I'm having a panic attack...somebody's gonna have to drive me to the hospital"...

And after all of that....he didn't eliminate anyone yet because he says before he makes his final decision he feels like he needs to meet their parents in order to learn more about each girl. WOW....so this should be VERY interesting & entertaining...LOL...

WELP folks until next week I guess...Let me know your thoughts...


  1. bout time hmph, GOOD RECAP!!! LOL

  2. I've always heard that Mrs. Norwoood was a bitch...I can truly see it now (that's why people don't like Brandy's ass now, she get it from her mama). Anyway, I get better entertainment hearing you talk about each episode than watching the damn thing myself.
    Hoes need to grow up and stop going on these reality shows trying to get groupied up with some celebrity. They ain't thinking a bit more about then than they do themselves. SMH. Look forward to the next post of the episode recap.

  3. ive been waiting for you to post this up cause i did see the episode and i had that song stuck in my head for a STRAIGHT WEEK!!

    i automatically thought " i cant wait still she bloggs about this one"

    they actually made shirts about it already:

  4. i hope danger wins, out of all of them shes the one ray likes. If sonia and brandy dont look JUST alike.

    p.s. I been jamming ray j "sexy ladies " all week

  5. Hey Starzzzz...and lmfao @ that shirt! I wouldn't be surprised if Danger gets her own reality show after this mess.

    @N0Days.....where in the HELL have YOU been??? LOL...and Danger is NOT gonna win **rolls eyes***

  6. I read on another gossip site that Unique quits before Ray J chooses, and Cocktail wins the show...

  7. Hey Anon!!! I heard somewhere else that Cocktail wins too. And I'm not even surprised to hear that Danger quits because she's so dramatic & that sounds like something she would do!

    I'm just ready to see the reunion show because I know its gonna be a mess!!! LOL

  8. OMG! I forgot bout that...yea thats gona be funny as hell...they say cocktail and ray j are still together...

  9. what was up with unique's dress, she looked like "Sister Act 3: Back in the crack habit"