"For The Love Of Ray J:Ep. 10 ***Exclusive Edition****

Y'all already know there's NO WAY I'm recapping that mess they showed on last Monday!!! In case ya missed it they aired the "never before seen" footage from the show. And I don't think I'm speaking alone when I say the shit was BORING! So nonetheless I REFUSE to speak on that fuckery!!!


y'all DO know what tonight is riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?!

It's the Finale!!!! The lil' dudes gonna meet their folks THEN pick his girl....What are YOUR predictions?

These are mine.....(oh & since I've been called a SLUT in a previous post for saying what these hoes make OBVIOUS) lol...I decided to use more flattering pics of these
tramps ladies!

Tonight's Predictions.............

he's gonna kick Psychopath to the curb first....

(She looks VERY pretty in this pic above)

Gubment: Monica Leon
Alias: Danger
Synopsis: Crazed, Slightly Schizo-Bi-Polar-Luna-bitch who's developed a swift & uncanny (kinda fatal attraction'ish) love for Ray J.
Hobbies: Climbing Trees @ 4am, Smoking, Smashing the homies
Highlight Episode: The Lie Detector Test which revealed she's actually "contemplated" murdering one of the girls..LMAO!
Why She's Getting The Deuces: The bitch is KAH-RAY-SAY...enuff said! and plus the fact that Ray J probably doesn't wanna risk waking up next to her with a 12 inch rusty machete cocked in his spine :o)

The Prude will be the runner up....

( I will refrain from discussing her curly Reponsal wig...I just won't do it)

Gubment: Danielle Pastorino
Alias: Unique
Synopsis: Self Proclaimed "good girl", with a so "believable" (<---sarcasm) church going, old fashioned image.
Hobbies: Knitting, Shopping for stockings & coordinating knee highs to go w/ her Sundays best, Manipulating hoes... <---Say what ya wanna but the bish was SMART!
Highlight Episode: When her & Danger had their confrontation in the kitchen..which ended with her doing this...
Why She's Getting The Deuces: While she's a cute girl & seems to be the most "sane" out of the three..I still don't think she possesses the total package in which Ray J's looking for. (and WTF he's looking for IDK???) and she's still kinda "questionable" as far as where her intentions reside.

The Gold Digger's gonna Reign in Victory....

(I couldn't find any "rare" pics...she was nakie in ALL of them)

Gubment: Joanna Hernandez
Alias: Cocktail
Synopsis: Self proclaimed "gold digger"
Hobbies: Gold Digging, Crying, Reality Show Whoring, Snitching, Lying...do I need to go on?!
Highlight Episode: When she cried on the first damn show talking about she CARES for him!! LOL
Why She's Taking The Crown: She's a fantastic actress?! Well not really but Ray J seems to think so...b/c he's constantly falling for her little "I'm so into you" act she's been portraying all along. I don't think there's anything THAT special about her that specifically lures him in to pick her BUT I will say she's like a chameleon when it comes to him...she likes whatever he likes and I think that's the promising attribute that's gonna SEAL her VICTORY tonight...but since she HAS admitted to being a "gold digger" in a prior reality show I think she's in for a huge Reality check...which is the fact that he's broke! <----HAHA!!! (well he's probably not BROKE but the ninjas not ballin') Anywho...he's ghey, his singing sucks annnnnnnd he's a mamas boy...so CONGRATULATIONS Cocktail you're in for a REAL treat. POW!

Alright hurry up people!!!! Gimme YOUR predictions before the show tonight!!!! LETS GO!!!!


  1. Cocktail is going to take this thing home. Danger and Unique See Ya!

  2. i think he's gonna pull a Chance and pick nann these chicks. although i would LOVE for Danger to win.
    can u imagine the whole tone of the reunion if she did? shit would be bananas!

  3. Since someone picked cocktail, and someone picked danger, that leaves unique by default. but I picked Danger from the jump, but something tells me, that's not happening...

  4. I think Cocktail will be his pick. Ray is retarded to have any of those bitches on there anywho

  5. I was RIGHT! That finale bothered me a little tho...didn't really need to see the shower scene and everthing...

  6. Those pictures of Danger that u have up are shocking. she looked completely diff on the show...make up works wonders

  7. I agree with Anonymous..I had picked Cocktail because she seemed more his type so the finale wasnt a shocker. Waiting for your recap...

  8. Hey Anon & Patricia!!! Maaaaan I was so happy but kinda shocked that he actually got rid of Danger first...but our predictions were on point!!!

    Oh & do y'all think he picked Cocktail b/c she's got that Kim Kardashian vibe? Cuz I know it wasn't b/c of her brain & good heart..LMAO!!!

  9. I got that feeling too Odara...I think ol dude was having flash backs...LOL

  10. Ain't nobody saying nuthin, but WHY wasn't Lil B on the Finale?

  11. Danille i am a fan of you im mariah im 10 born in 1998 my birthday is in october can you sing a song for me please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!