"For The Love Of Ray J:Ep. 7"

Ladiessssssssss Come Get Your Maaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!

Alright so this weeks challenge was all about giving back to the "community" (well kinda) LMAO when they pulled up to the building I was like OMG he's taking the whores to church...haha!!!

Anyway...the girls were split up & teamed together with the children from The Norwood Family Youth Foundation. Each team had to make pancakes & serve them to the church goers and would raise money based off of donations during the event. So I'm just gonna have to auto assume that NONE of these women have children...lol...because they had no clue WTF to do...The kitchen was complete chaos...children running everywhere, pancakes burning, the slores not knowing how to use a measuring cup...lmao an utter MESS!

But the highlight for me was this...

Danger's dumbass prepping the pancake batter like she was baking muthafuckin' biscuits....Hahahahaahh!!! WTF? Wheeeeeew these chics never seize to amaze me...How the eff do you BAKE a pancake?

So @ the end of the fiasco Ray & Lil' B counted each teams earnings...

The Winners....

The Blue team made $95 in donations & reigned as the champs. But it was still left up to the kiddies to decide which out of the three they thought should get the solo date...

and Cocktail fake ass mommy dearest was selected for the one on one with "her man"

The solo date was BORing....they chatted, they kissed, she snitched (as usual), they kissed again oh and he bought her diamond earrings...


Feisty's back @ the house getting FADED as usual...

And ole' devious Unique is encouraging her to get sloppy drunk...which isn't a very hard thing to do by the way...LOL

Anywho...I'm just gonna bypass Unique & Chardonnay's one on one time with Ray J because it was DULL and he claimed he wasn't feeling well and the majority of the time he did this...

On to the GOOD stuff....after things wind down a little Danger picks the "perfect" opportunity to confront Unique in the kitchen...I believe the convo went a little like this....

Danger: "I don't like you..."
Unique: "I don't like you either..."

Temperatures start to boil...

Then somehow escalated into this...

Lmao!! Chic told her to "get off his nutsack & wake up"...and the whole time Danger's quiet as hell while Unique's going off...But nonetheless I don't think anyone took Danger's lack of reaction for weakness...Because we ALL know the bish is KAH-RAY-ZAY!!! not to mention the same chic that's popping off now was also the one that punked out of fighting Danger in the ring...LOL!

So Unique's still pissed & pacing the house over the whole situation...Then she goes to "pack her bags" and tells Ray J she'll "dip out in a heartbeat" because she refuses to deal with that type of ish...

Womp...Womp..Womp...she didn't do sh!t....

Finally it's elimination time...but before I get into that...am I the only one that died when Danger said unique "smells funny"?? lmfao!!! ummm you don't necessarily look like a breath of fresh air my dear....lol...Anyway the final glass is down to Unique & Feisty....

Unique gets the final glass...but Ray J expressed his concern that he saw a side of her that he'd never seen & never knew she had in her. And for some reason that made him see her in a different light... Boy BYE!!! all them chics are catty....GTFOH and Get Over It!!!

Feisty....cute girl, bangin' personality & tons of fun....BUT...bottom line girly is a LUSH! And apparently Ray J's looking for something deeper...Out of all the girls who've left so far...I'm gonna miss Feisty the most...she just kept things live & spunky...ahh well audios!

Ut Oh...I said I wasn't gonna do it but...ummm....but....

Y'all noticed Brandy's daughters little cameo during the challenge? She's a cute girl looks just like her mommy...and I'm almost ashamed to admit @ first glimpse I made the following statement....

brandys lil girl got a big head (lord forgive me)

I know I'm totally gonna burn for that statement....but nonetheless I'm taking the following people with me who cosign

@Notorious1 "yup u can tell by the forehead....ok i'm bad for saying that"

@MrsGrapevine "at least it's a cute big head"

@livdmann "didn't you expect that? brandy got a seven-head"


@askmo24 "
Have you seen her momma forehead? She got it honest"

@TroublemakerSup "STOP making fun of that poor little girl. it's not her fault she takes after her waterheaded daddy"

@1hunid "I'm glad i wasn't the only one that noticed it ok"


  1. Thanks girl, I'm too mad that I missed it. I was watching Steve Harvey on Oprah. Man I'm shocked he got rid of Feisty, I thought she would have been one of the last to go.

  2. I was thinking the same thing about Unique and how she backed out of the boxing ring match but now she was acting all tough for Ray J. And she needs to put a dang bra on. Didn't she also steal money from the other team to win? Either way I don't like her fake "I am a lady" self.

  3. LOL! I had no idea that that little girl was Brandy's daughter. She's cute though...maybe she will grow into her head.

  4. lmao @ THE TYPOS you are too funny sis!

  5. ^^^please point them out to me GENIUS ***rolls eyes***

  6. lol, no thanks, its what makes you funny and if you corrected them then it wouldnt be funny right?

    good recap tho, keep up the good work!

  7. ^^^LMFAO!!! I'm gonna start calling you B.Diddy....LETS GO!!!!

  8. This week's recap had me dyin'. Unique lost it big time. One day she is allegedly sophisticated. The next she is bout to 'dip up outta here'. Whatever. She's trying to get a weak singing deal out of this.

  9. some of fiesty interview:

    Was there anyone you didn’t like?

    The only person I clashed with was Cocktail, since she was a bitch and would talk shit. But I just stayed away from her. I said what I had to say, that she was shady, and I got away. I stayed away from Danger. I thought she was crazy when I met her and then she became even more crazy. That’s why I stayed around Unique: she was the most normal one.

    Although she kinda snapped on this week’s episode.

    I know! When I saw her snap, I was like, “Girl, what are you doing? You’re embarrassing yourself!” I told her to calm the fuck down.

    I wish they would have included the scene where Danger climbed the tree. She really did that. She wouldn’t sleep.

    There was one time when she got in the Jacuzzi with her clothes and mic on. I feel like VH1 is giving her way too much credit. They edit Danger to look like she’s the shit. What the fuck is going on?

  10. ^^^^ LMAO...told us how she really felt hunh? Man please I don't care how much "Editing" VH1 did...that bish still comes off as KRAZAY to me! and I didn't doubt for one moment that she climbed the damn tree...LOL