"For The Love Of Ray J:Ep. 2"

Oh boy....this one was ALL over the place...

So this episode started off with the groupies chics chillin' @ the house talking about the prior eliminations & just shooting the breeze. So they talkin' about chics who snore in the house...and outta the blue the Russian chic (i'm glad they translate the shit across the screen cuz the bish can't talk)....Cavier pops off @ the mouth & mentions something about her "boyfriend"....

"I do snore that's what my boyfriend told me"


um, yeah EXACTLY! so the other girls were like HOLD UP!!! boyfriend?! Then this bish tries to corectify (that's not really a word) her statements, talking about "oh no I mean my ex-boyfriend"...."I mean I was engaged"....mmmkay WHATEVER....

So after that blew off...Ray J's assistant/godsister AKA "Lil B" (I still don't know her damn purpose) gathered the girls and presented them with a "challenge".....

So during this "challenge" Ray J wanted the girls to get a feel of the type of situations they might experience if one of them was to actually become his girlfriend. And according to Ray J w/ him being on tour (insert jokes here) & traveling the world...he needs more than just phone convo to stimulate his "mind" & whatever else....

So he had each girl prepare some kind of special talent which they would perform for him in front of his Webcam....But....there was a catch....not only would Ray J be watching their little show but the other chics would be watching in another room as well....

So the chics got it going & boy did they have "talent"....ummm yeah?! Anywho these are the ones who stood out to me for various reasons...

Danger.....I swear this chic made me giggle the entire show...first off I'm mad the girl had a damn panic attack after she found out what the challenge was...the girl SPAZZED out...talking about she was scared to show him her art b/c it was such a "personal" side of her...and you know what? I kinda understand what she meant b/c I do art also & it's rare that I tell or show people...But gotdammit I ain't NEVERrrrrrr had a panic attack in relation to that shit...lol...bish was taking deep breaths all in a paper bag & shit...hahaha!!!

and the part that KILT me even more was when she flipped
that painting over.....Ray J was like "is that me?"......I swear I DIED!!!! the shit looked NOTHING like him!!! looked like mexican art to me...but whatever....

Unique.....okay so she's kinda growing on me...but her performance was wiggity WACK!!! She wrote a little song for him & decided that she would SING it to him...bwahahaah!!! Chics voice was HORRIBLE....so she's half way into the song & realizes shits not going as planned...so she was like "let me stand up"...LMAO!!!! stand up?! like that was gonna make a difference...hahaha...shit was STILL horrid...and I'm mad the first line of her song was "Shawty Got Gifts"...lmaoooo!!! these girls KILL me...

Lil Hood....so this chic's chillin' in the back watching Unique's performance & was like "I've been singing all my life" & "I sound sooooo much better than her"... ***cough***bullshit****cough***

Ladies & Gentlemen I introduce to you Lil Hood...

WTF????? Bitch was rapping & singing about stabbing & killing a nigg@...THEN had the nerve to have an emotional breakdown when the other bishes laughed @ her ass....hahaha!!! The jokes write themselves....

Chardonnay...still my favorite "gutta chic" by far...the stripper NEVER disappoints us...and they saved the BEST for last....girlie started off with some cute & sentimental poetry....awwwww....touched everybodies soul.....umm yeah?! THEN ended the show with some of her infamous "tricks"...chic turned herself into a human banana split...poured icecream & nuts all over herself & hit the grand finale with a full split & a banana in her mouth....you can say what you want about girlie but her talent is undeniable...lol....lol...

So after all the performances Ray J picked his top three; which were Danger, Chardonnay & Cocktail...He took the ladies on an intimate cruise on his Yacht....(well somebodies Yacht) & while they were cruising the seas he had the other girls back @ the house getting treated to mani/pedicures....okay so the little dummy has class...cuz NONE of them previous VH1 shows have EVER done THAT!!!

So while they're sailing in la-la-land...the girls start blasting the other chics in the house...specifically Cavier (chic with the broken english) They told Ray J about girlie mentioning her "boyfriend" earlier...he was like "oh yeah?" took note & kept it moving...

He broke the girls up & had one on one time with each...and out of the three, he was making a hell of a connection with Danger...they were just talkin' & next thing I know he kissed the bish in the MOUTH....eeeeeeewww....I still say she's a dude but whatever....

So they get back to the house & Ray J decided it was time to confront ole Russian chic about those "boyfriend" accusations...of course she denied it & also found that as an opportune time to mention Genuine's "acting" conversation from earlier...I'm just trippin' on how the hell she just blasted ole girl for THAT when her ass basically slipped up & said she had a "boyfriend"....WTF???

Anywho...so Ray Ray (i just wanna call him that) had to make a decision. Somebody had to bounce!!! and to err'bodys surprise he sent TWO chics packing...I wasn't expecting that @ all but according to him...he doesn't like to feel "mind boggled"...LMAO!!! I love how he uses a new vocabulary word each show...I think last weeks word was "aroused"...(I'mma start pointing those out as the show continues) anyway he was feeling confused as to why some of them were even there & he didn't like that shit...so TWO bishes had to bounce....

Atomic Bomb...basically he got rid of her b/c she started trippin' talking about she's not the type of girl to chase & be "all over somebody" & she just wasn't feeling a connection...umm okay why the hell did you audition for the show? Did she really think that HE was gonna chase HER??? I was tired of her annoying ass voice any damn way so.......PEACE!!!

Genuine....best decision he's made so far b/c she was on the "might be a MAN" list too...anyway he got rid of her because he caught her ass in a lie...first she pulled him to the side talking about she's not use to all the cameras & that she's shy....THEN turned around talking about she was an actress...to sum it up...bitch was a LIAR!!! and after she got booted she admitted to being there just for the exposure...didn't matter tho...nigg@ didn't like her no way...LMAO!!!

but you know what concerns me the MOST about this show??? He STAYs talking about singing/touring & all that bullshit...the hell album is he touring with??

how is he on tour tho??? shit baffles me....lol


  1. lmao about jerri's voice. it was so annoying! i thought he would keep her though because she looks like j lo. and genuine is definitely a man lol

  2. @angelina...haha she sounds just like rosie perez to me!

  3. lmao @ mind boggled, i caught that too.

    sexy grape lmao

    chardonnay is my new chick lol

  4. I still say Stilits GOTSA be a man... but I caught that too with him talking about his touring and how rich he is... Fuck outta here!? lol

  5. Thanks girl for the break down cuz I ain got cable, and man u be makin it so that I can see all this ish in my mind!!! Thanks girl from the bottom of my hert! *tear*

  6. @anon...no problema girl...I got you!!! lol

    @alise...YES...stilts is MOS DEF a man...lol

  7. Odara, did u know Lil B is Whitney Houston's God daughter? She was on that reality show with Whitney and Bobby...Whitney said that she was trying to pursue an acting career.

  8. @anon...no I had no clue...I knew I had seen her somewhere before tho b/c she looked so familiar...I guess everybody's there to get their career off...lol

  9. Odara, did u know Lil B is Whitney Houston's God daughter? She was on that reality show with Whitney and Bobby...Whitney said that she was trying to pursue an acting career.

  10. Sorry I posted that again, wasn't sure if it went thru the first time

  11. Who are you exactly to think that you special enough to laugh at people in the house. Im sure you would have been eliminated first... slut

  12. ^^^@the asshole above! which one of these hoes are you related too? better yet who's the hoe responsible for bustin' the worthless nut that mistakenly gave you life?

    It's all love & humor on my end and I'm glad you found this "interesting enough" to dedicate a comment to...a little advice for you...this is MY SHIT and if it's not up to your "standards" then the exit is just a click away...

    so fall the fuck back...


    EAT.SHIT.DIE!!!! you dumb fuckity FUCK!!!!!

  13. dang thats foulo and not person enough to leave a name - sign of an insecure SLUT

  14. Damn they have the nerve. You know I think it was a no name hoe that got cut the first night. Girl needs to search another reality show and maybe she can get off the pole.

    Love the "dumb fuckity fuck" lmao

  15. Umm wow and rawr.. Get em ODARA!

  16. Damn O' What you do to Anon? lol I find it funny that people leave messages like that but don't leave a name or blog of their own to link back to. And how does doing a recap of a show make you a slut? that's some dumb hoe shit right there! If you bad enough to call somebody a slut than be bad enough to say you did it and not hide behind anonymity. That's some bull!

  17. oh & I don't want yall to get the Anon's confused...the first Anon is one of my favorite readers...she knows it's all love...LOL

    but the other Anon with the foul comment is the SHITkabob!!!

    just thought id clarify...LOL

  18. Pure hilarity! I wanted to see if she would come come back and say something!

    My fav part was: who's the hoe responsible for bustin' the worthless nut that mistakenly gave you life?

  19. @Danielle...LOL they usually never come back...