"Bitch Needs A Straight Jacket"

First off let me say this...I HATE HATING AZZ HOES.....

Now that I got that off my chest let me tell you why...It seems like on EVERY job I've worked @ I ALWAYS end up having to deal with @ least one depressed, deranged & demented piece of shit. And the thing that aggravates me more than the fact that it's
ALWAYS a WOMAN is the fact that it's ALWAYS a BLACK WOMAN...and honestly @ 1 point I had to step outside of myself for a minute & self evaluate because I started to think that just maybe the problem was ME...and after long hard deliberation I've concluded that it's NOT me! Yeah I may have a few quirks here & there but who the fuck doesn't? I feel like I am one of the nicest people you'd ever come across...I'm friendly, genuine, loyal (to those deserving), & on top of all THAT I wear my heart on my sleeve....and I have no problem saying & acknowledging all of those things because it's the TRUTH...but as of late I'm starting to feel like all of those "nice" attributes have been misinterpreted as a form of weakness...which is VERY far from my persona!!! Honestly it takes a hell of a lot to make me angry & 98% of the time I'm VERY forgiving.

I could give so many examples of the type of shit I've dealt with over the past few years & maybe I'll touch on some of those instances in another post...but for now let's deal with the present...HATE is a strong word...and just as a "disclaimer" with all
sincerity I don't truly HATE anyone...HOWEVER for the remainder of this post I will be using the extremity of that word just for additional emphasis...so ***clears throat*** ahemmmmm...

My coworker, I HATE THAT .....BITCH!!!

So when I first started my current gig they brought me in to permanently take the
place of a temp who was working here. And when I tell you on my very first day that girl gave me the RUNDOWN on what to expect.....she was blasting EVERYONE!!! so of course my first thoughts were oh boy here we go AGAIN!!! So I'm not the type of person who makes judgments based off of hear say & I just brushed it off as her bitter attempt to get get back @ whoever. But you know what??? It only took me a short time to realize that girlie was telling the TROOF!!!

My coworker is possessed...no literally the bitch is EVIL & I think she's got a demon.
From day 1 I made an effort to be nice to the bitch...I would say good morning, try to spark up conversation, asked her if she had kids...blah blah blah...yadda yadda...now true enough I do realize that not all people like small talk but my thing is we sit less than 3 feet away from each other and we are not in cubicles.... So I felt like there was no reason why we couldn't establish common ground. But the only reaction I've EVER gotten from her was cold, timid & ruthless...

and word around the plantation is MaHELLia (that's what i'mma call her) has ran off 4 people who've held my position previously....lmao...WOW!!! and I've been here a year so I guess I deserve some kind of throphy for that shit...

alright let me give you an example:

We're BOTH receptionist..we hold the SAME title & neither of our positions are
inferior to the others...and the head poncho in charge around these woods only request is that there is ALWAYS someone @ the front desk...no matter what...which means when one of us steps away for breaks or whatever...the other person needs to have their ass glued to the seat...As long as we're both in the office doesn't sound like much of a problem right????


well here's were the simplicity gets a bit tangled....MaHELLia feels like she's on some type of pedestal b/c she's been here 2yrs longer that I have...which in her "simple" mind means that she can do whatever the hell she wants...***gasp*** which on a regular basis includes 45 minute breaks, 2-3 hr lunches, lollygagging around the building & "personal errands"...funny thing is MaHELLia's been doing this "routine" for so long that she believes this behavior is of the norm. What's even more comical is that there have been numerous complaints but yet no one has called her on it. Now normally I could give a fuck less what ANYBODY does in this mofo...especially if it doesn't directly pertain to ME...but...tsk tsk tsk....This sh*t pertains to ME!!! See MaHELLia has the tendency to be "M.I.A." when it's time for MY breaks...there have been times when she comes back 15-30mins past the time in which she was to relieve me...and that my friends I have a HUGE problem with...

So one day I got fed up w/ the bull & was like fuck it....I packed my shit & I went to lunch...so about an hour later I come back to my desk & start checking my email...before I skim through my inbox in it's entirety...all of a sudden the silent one
who NEVER has words for me any other time has something she wants to say...

MaHELLia: "Ms. Odara are you okay today?"
Me: "I'm fine"
MaHELLia: *demonic laugh* "Well I asked b/c you left the front desk unattended when you went on your break"
Me: "oh yeah?" *starts back skimming my emails*
MaHELLia: "Ms. Odara the next time you have to leave just make sure you forward the phones to voicemail...so they won't just ring"
Me: *slightly aggravated* "mmmkay"
So while skimming through my email I notice that there's a message in my inbox which is cleverly entitled "Front (Left Unattended)" from whom you ask??? that's right..Ms. MaHELLia was feeling mighty chatty & decided to actually correspond w/ me through email as well...(keep in mind we sit 3 feet away from each other) The email read as follows...

Ms. Odara the common courtesy is to wait until the other receptionist return before you leave the phone unattended. This is not the professional way (Company Name) works. This is the second time you have done this. I hope we can work this out between ourselves otherwise I will take this to the supervisor, (Supervior's Name)
Alrighty then.....so I'm the type of person who has the tendency to react before I actually THINK of what I'm about to say & do...keep in mind it takes a LOT to get me angry & @ this point I was LIVID.... I think some type of divine intervention must have touched down because I swear my mind said "GET UP" but my body said "Sit Yo Ass Down"...(when i'm mad I have the tendency to stand up & approach the culprit) but my mouth said this....

Me:"Look lemme just say this...you got the audacity to address ME about COMMON COURTESY??? let's talk about RESPECT!!! You are NEVER @ your desk when it's time to relieve ME...you don't RESPECT time & you DON'T respect ME!!! so COMMON COURTESY goes BOTH ways"...
MaHELLia:"well you don't think you're doing the company a disservice if you get up & leave the front unattended?"
Me:"I wouldn't HAVE to leave it unattended if YOU were HERE to attended it"
MaHELLia:"But you don't think that you're responsible for the front if you leave?"
Me:"You just don't see NOTHING wrong with what YOU do right?"
MaHELLia:"well I just never seen a person who has to leave @ the EXACT same time everyday"
Me:**balling my fist up...biting my lip & shaking my damn head***
MaHELLia:"well I didn't tell you but I had to run an errand"
Me:"But you do it ALL the time...so that's NOT an excuse AND You NEVER say ANYTHING so I dunno WHAT you're doing"
MaHELLia:"next time I'll just let you know"
Me:"oh yeah"
MaHELLia:***demonic laugh***
I could feel the tension brewing after our whole little confrontation so I already KNEW I needed to address it with the supervisor...to make a long story short...after this whole incident we were assigned specific times for our breaks through email of
course b/c they love to address issues INDIRECTLY....and this whole incident occured over 5months ago & needless to say it's STILL in existance...bitch STILL does what the fuck she wants to do & nobody seems to care...We've had other confrontations & I've just stopped addressing the shit with our supervisor b/c her response is always "Oh yeah we've had problems like these w/ MaHELLia before and she DOES had a really nasty attitude"......and the whole time I'm thinking "and she is STILL here because???"....oh yeah guess I forgot to mention my supervisor is a punk & has no balls...and has the "I don't wanna deal with it" mentality...GREAT....just GREAT!!! so FUCK it I don't care anymore......whether the bish is back or NOT when it's time for me to jet...

I'm throwing up the dueces with this look on my face...grrrrrr!!!

Needless to say we're not on speaking terms...well SHE isn't anyway...but I'm still cordial I say Good Morning (minus the good) & Good Night b/c I refuse to let a mothafugga STILL my joy...

Bottom line the bitch needs to be in one of these.....

Oh yeah...she also looks EXACTLY like this fool...(no lie)


  1. so let me get this straight I can't get a job, but this bitch gets to keep hers and she is nonprofessional? The fuck kind of shit is that, now she pissing me off. Do this bitch know we in a reception? People looking high and low for good damn full time benefited positions and this hoe is acting real brand new and stankalicious!!!! I suggest you put some chocolate ex-lax in her coffee every morning or bake her some shit brownies....Okay I'm sorry I'm just mad she got a job but act like she don't want it...I guess that's just the way the world turns!

  2. *I meant recession lol, I was typing hella fast I was so damn mad.

  3. it's always gotta be some haterade drinkin hoe in the workplace that always wants to start some shit. Child, I say keep doin you and as long as you are doing YOUR job, what that broad do don't matter. Brush ya shoulders off.

  4. Deezy?

    I don't like you...LMMFAO that demonic laugh had me dying the entire time..ahahaha.

  5. lol bambino! I swear she does this ole grinch ass laugh when she talks...ole punk ass lady! lol

  6. *Hands you Tini's Demonic Holy Water*

    *Hands you a card to read the following when you encounter this demon again*:

    "Demon stay back from me! Demon I don't care for thee! Before I crack you in the head with this glass and put you on blast...just know I'm finna kick your ass"

    Tis All,

    The End....lol

  7. she looks like faizon love?? faizon FUCKIN love??? plzzzz dont kill me right now...and i bet tha bitch walks around like she's tha hottest thing since sliced bread, right?? lmao...bless ur heart girl for dealin wit that chick EVERYDAY!