"I Might Get Molly Whopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Yep it's time to vent again about this "psycho ward" that is also known to man as "J-O-B"...Without giving too many hints as to what it is I actually do I'm gonna try to create a "visual" if you will...

So basically I'm the first point of "contact" for the office and I sit behind a 4 inch glass.....and I absolutely LOVE it...insert sarcasm, a middle finger & plenty of four letter words here----->>>________________ ...Anyway the office is LOCKED down; and unless your access has been granted.... yo azz ain't getting up in here... &
trust me we have our reasons...

So, the business that I'm in people have the tendency to just pop up all unannounced like "SURPRISE-SURPRISE ninjas"...and truth is if you don't have an appointment prior to your arrival, you can expect to be doing a 360 degree u-turn back out that door. And I don't know what it is about human nature but I've come
to the conclusion that about 60% of humans are ummmmm.... a little bit "touched"....now by no means am I calling myself perfect because I'm very far from it...HOWEVER..."the kid" has PLENTY of Common Sense in which I refuse to let go to waste...and a long time ago I had to come to the realization that COMMON SENSE just ain't COMMON yall...lmao....2 examples....

Here we go....

Yesterday a woman in an arm sling came to my window acting all "brand new"; I distinctly remembered her because she's done this a few times before. Anyway she asked to speak with one of our employees...my immediate response was "What's your name & Do you have an appointment???" her response "My name is _______ "....she cleverly tried to omit the most important question which was "Do you have an appointment???" so I ran that by her one'mo'gin...."Um no I don't have an
appointment I work on the other side of the building & just wanted to see if I could talk with her briefly"............So I'm pretty much trained to sort out the rift raft before I even make an attempt to contact the third party in which they seek....

So I tell her that her intended party will more than likely not see her without an appointment. But she continues with a sob story about how she's in "pain" & insisted that I checked to see if she could be seen...mmmmkay....so I pick up the phone & I get no answer...so I tell the lady that her party is away from their desk & that "I'd be
happy to give you her contact information so you can set an appointment in the future"....in laments terms "take this damn number & call the broad b4 you decide to skip ya happy azz back down here"....So she takes the number & relentlessly asks again "Can you please check to see if she's in the office, I REALLY need to talk with her"...so I keep it cordial..."sure lemme go see if I can find her"....so I walk over to my coworkers desk & brief her on who's up front to see her....

her reaction....

my reaction...

So needless to say my coworker wasn't having it, she told me to let the lady know she would NOT be seeing her. So I nonchalantly walked back to the front & addressed ole girl & by this time her facial expression looked two blinks away from tears...& now I'm pissed b/c she's acting foolish & I guess she thought I was gonna feel some kinda way cause her damn arm was in a sling....NEGATIVE...don't get me wrong..I sympathize with people to a certain extent but honestly I didn't really give a damn b/c this broad does this ALL the time...and she KNOWS she can't just drop by like that....

Later that day...

One of my FAVORITE assholes made their rounds to my window...

She comes every so often to meet with one of our CEO's & her demeanor is SOooo negative. First off bitch NEVER cracks a smile...I tried to be nice to this broad on NUMEROUS occasions. I'm @ the front desk so I gotta be polite & cordial but eff THAT...this bitch is a BITCH (lol) she just comes off as snobbish & she ALWAYS got this permanent shit face look going on...(she looks EXACTLY like the chic in that pic except she's blond)

Anyway, the way our office is made you can't see when ppl come through the door & like I said b4 I'm behind a glass & sometimes I don't hear the door open either...Anyway...she pops up @ the window....& I don't notice her ass right off b/c I'm surfing the innanet & sh!t...(now my COMMON SENSE tells me when someone doesn't recognize my presence then MAYBE I should get their ATTENTION)...but naw this BITCH just stands there all QUIET with that same snotty ass look on her face...so I finally look up & get instantly irritated. So since I already know her deal I just say "May I Help You?"....she solemnly responds "I'm here to see _______"....(I always know who she's coming to see & why but I just like to fuck with her ass since she's got such an AWESOME attitude)...so then she motions to the entrance like I'm just supposed to let her ass in...NEGATIVE...so just for the hell of it I ask her "and what's your name & what company are you with?"....then she takes a short pause & hesitantly responds to my question all while talking through her teeth. Then she proceeds once AGAIN to put her hands on the entrance doorknob...unh unh...so I tell her "OK I'll give him a call & let him know that you're here"......by this time I can tell she's irritated b/c she's tapping her damn foot all loud outside the door....So I call Mr. CEO & he tells me to let her in & send her back...I intentially take her ass through the 3rd degree EVERY time she drops through b/c I just get tired of ppl acting like their on some type of pedestal...

Anywho..sorry to bore yall but people kill me thinking their entitled to some kind of preferential treatment. Annnnnnnnd I just wanted to let yall know I have the tendency to say slick sh!t ONLY b/c I sit behind this 4inch glass...and i'ma start asking security to escort my ass to my car cause I might fuck around w/ the wrong person one day & get my ass MOLLYWHOPPED


  1. LMAO at my desk. I feel you on this my first job was like that. "COMMON SENSE just ain't COMMON" my mom told me that when I had my first job and it was never more true. I posted a sign on my glass that said "Ring bell for assistance", tell me why 6 people still came and just stood there while my back was turned WOW. Any who, you did you my fav. funny word from last year "Mollywhopped".

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  3. ^^^^EFF YOU!!! :o)

    and yes i DO know 360 is a circle...I use to watch Dance 360 w/ Fredro Starr duh!!!

  4. SMH @ you deleting the comment!!! just a JOKEY joke....geesh lighten up!!!


  5. @Princess....girl tell me about it...I swear the average person is NOT fully equipped with working light bulbs haha!!!

    BTW cute avi!

  6. Ha!!! I love that you give Debbie Downer the run around, ol' hateful azz.... lol!!!!

  7. this post was the funniest, when you did the facial expressions between you and your coworker about the lady with the sling on her arm. WAY TOO FUNNY. I've come across a few of those snob nose ass bitches myself. Matter of fact, I work with one now, who thinks she is running shit. Girl ain't bit more runnin shit than a lil bit. LOL. Anyway, Good post.

  8. ROTFLMAO I Wish a NINJA Would, yea you most likely should check into a bullet proof vest, and make the security guards your BFF's. You giving these folks way to much and just one day, someone is going to snap and start tossing chairs at that window or spit on it, a loogie full of phlegmy (new word) goodness.

  9. You saw she rolled up in there in a sling, she must no be able to handle business- so you straight. Just make sure you don't roll up wearing that same sling-get a taser....lol.

  10. A MESS! And yes, I'm gonna need you to get on the security detail. I don't wanna read about a young sistah getting attacked. I feel ya on so many levels, sounds a lot like me at work. Dealing with the public can be incredibly taxing!

  11. u mos def. need to wear running shoes when you finish work and ur walkin to ur car....those ppl u deal wit WILL be waitin wit pitchforks and ish lmao