"It's That Time Again...11 Baby Making Eargasms"

So I've been looking for the ultimate smash love mix. And I've come to the conclusion that the majority of the one's out are Wiggity Whack!!! So I got to thinking...If I could create the ultimate love mix...what would be on it?

and Kah-Bliggity-Blam!!! Here's what I came up with...It wasn't easy but here are a few of my faves...

Donell Jones "Natural Thang"
I'm a Donell STAN so of course he's #1 on the list. He i
s one of the most underrated artist out. The man deserves his props. Trust me he's got plenty panty dropping noteworthy tunes under his belt but this song HAS to be my favorite...the shit just makes me melt.

Maxwell "Till The Cops Come Knocking"
This MAN...This MAN...this SONG...wooooooooooooo!!! *fanning myself* Anything Maxwell touches gives me goosebumps. I admit I was a little optimistic when he came back on the scene missing his signature fro...but when
you got it; you just got it...and this here SONG makes me forget about all of that...LOL...This is the ONLY brotha that can make a 7 minute song that doesn't annoy me...LOL

112 "Now That We're Done"
They had quite a few love songs...but none have compared to this one from their first album
...I love the lyrics & arrangement it instantly sets a sexy kinda mood...

H-Town "Ways To Treat A Woman"
I don't know who da hell came up with the idea to hit the hook of this song in that high falsetto...lol...BUT....urhh ruhhh...for me IT WORKS!!! it's kinda comical but STILL kinda sessay @ the same time...LMAO..R.I.P. Dino...

Raheem Devaughn "Ask Yourself"
2 words... "His Voice"....The first time I heard this song I literally put it on repeat until I ended up singing the lyrics. Normally I wouldn't even consider a song like this as an "In The Mood" type of song but the brotha's VOICE kills me softly EVERYtime I hear it.

Shai "Sexual"
If it was any other artist I'd never give a song that has the word "sex" in it the time of day. Mainly because I think a sexy song should have me dripping from
metaphorical bliss NOT from blatantly raw lyrics. And this song is "Sexy" without all the "Extras"...it's intimate & visual but still leaves something to the imagination.

Changing Faces "Baby Tonight"
Even though this wasn't one of their released singles...I Love-Luv this song. They're one of the few female artists that I'd put on a "sexy" playlist. This song is the epitome of sensual & sweet...

Prince "I Can't Make You Love Me"
I've heard this song covered by other artist before...BUT...Prince's version is the ONLY one that I could ever listen to more than once.

Jagged Edge "Healing"
This is one of those songs that if somebody or something distracts me while it's playing...I HAVE to rewind it...LOL...

Marques Houston "Naked"
DON'T.JUDGE.ME for this one...LOL...Although I am not...I repeat I am NOT a fan!!!! The brotha got down on this one...I give credit where credit is due...

Robin Thicke "Teach U A Lesson"
I crown this dude the new King of Bedroom Music. He's just got the kinda voice that makes you wanna inhale his damn lyrics...

What are some of your faves???


  1. i agree with robin thicke. i would've put "i need love" but that screech in the intro... no.

    til the cops come knockin....yes!! that is on my smash mix.

    justin timberlake's set the mood interlude!

    raheem devaughn's voice!!! yes. umm i like "breathe" and "desire"

    i won't judge on MH because that too is on my smash mix.

    avant - don't say no, say yes
    ciara - promise
    day 26 - don't fight the feeling
    ginuwine - so anxious
    tyrese - signs of love making
    van hunt- seconds of pleasure
    janet jackson - anytime anyplace
    jill scott - crown royal

    thats most of it..lol

  2. Hey Sharona....Great choices...oh & I LOVE that Avant song, forgot all about that one...& anything slow my Tyrese is always Nice...

  3. i should smash this post, but i wont

  4. i like tha list

    I would've probably added..
    r kelly- tempo slow,
    silk- freak me,
    floetry- say yes

    etc etc

    and how come I did NOT know that Dino had passed away..like omfg..!!

  5. HEY! WE ALL FORGOT ABOUT "JOE"! He still hittin in the music industry. All the things your man won't do. more and more. life of the party, love don't make no sense. and so onnnnnn!!!!!!