"I HATE My Job!!!"

I promised myself that I would stop saying that because I know how many ppl don't have jobs & looking @ the big picture I am truly blessed. But then again I'm still human.

At this point I'm really frustrated with the fact that it seems almost far fetched to find something truly fulfilling. Maybe what
I'm searching for is unrealistic but is it too much to want a job that you LOVE???

Ok, here's the thing lately I've had a couple interviews. My most recent with a small company in which from the outside looking in seemed ideal. Great Pay, Benefits, Opportunity for Growth & the setting seemed intimate & almost family like. So I've had a total of three interviews with this company. (Phone Interview & 2 Face to Face Interviews) So by the third interview I'm thinking hey they seem to like me & this may be my foot in the door. But yet almost 2weeks later I have yet to hear Anything!!! *sigh*

This has happened to me once before 3 interviews & NADA...no phone call...not even a "thanks but no thanks" letter just ----flatline-----so the last time this happened I contacted the business through email & asked what happened. Their response "oh we apologize for not updating you but we've decided to go with an internal candidate"....

mmmkay....that's all well & good....BUT...it amazes me how these jobs want to interrogate the hell out of you and yet they don't even show the courtesy of a "follow up"...and frankly I don't think that's too much to ask.

So here's my dilemma...shit like this pisses me off!!! Should I wait another week or so before contacting them or just let it ride???


  1. I would call them as soon as you get the chance, what would you be waiting for? Atleast they would see that you are sincere about wanting the position.

  2. Hey Anon! ironically I received a rejection letter from this company shortly after this post.=(

    Back to the drawing board I guess!!!

  3. Keep @ it Odeezy..(Singing) Some day your prince, (i mean job will come). Trust..and just keep @ it, cause all you need is one job that you love.

  4. Odara, sorry to hear that!!! I'm sure there is something much better than that out there for you!!!

  5. Odeezy.. pick up the phone and call honey.. closed mouth don't get fed!

    And good luck girl.. you deserve it!

  6. Thx Wife! But it's so HARD out here for a pimp..lmao!!!