***Exclusive Interview*** "Family Ties"

In case you guys aren't familiar with the people & situation I'm about to introduce to you here's a little background info... So a few months ago there had been a little controversy surrounding R&B siblings Brandy & Ray J. Norwood. And seemingly out of the blue a guy by the name of Danyelle Brown who goes by the alias "C-Dove" has made allegations that he's the biological son of Willie Ray Norwood Jr; Brandy & Ray J's dad.

Willie Ray Norwood

Since C-Dove's allegations there has been a lot of skepticism regarding his intent & motives on bringing this situation to light. Being that he's an aspiring rapper it would leave one to assume that there may be a touch of resentment or undefined reason behind reaching out to the media with such claims; especially after so many years.

Which brings me to the purpose of why I wanted to touch on this subject. Like many, after hearing about this ordeal I was skeptical & had a lot of questions. I knew there had to be much more to the story than what the media had been portraying. So I decided to reach out & to my surprise I had initiated an interview that created a platform for much more than I had anticipated.

Danyelle Brown AKA "C-Dove"

I got the chance to speak with "C-Dove" as well as his sister Monica. For those of you who don't know; Monica Carson is the step sister of C-Dove who also says that she's the daughter of Willie Norwood.

Monica Carson (Is it just me or do her & Brandy favor in this pic?)

So yall know I'm lazy & there was no way I was gonna transcribe this recording especially since the interview lasted almost an hour. I split it up into 4 parts so listen & enjoy...

Pt.1 The Introduction: History, The Name, Family & Love of Music

Pt.2 Family: Crossing Paths & False Hopes

Pt.3 Motives, Paternity Tests & Creating a Bond

Pt.4 The Kardashians, Family Resemblance, Upcoming Music & The Future

***If you have trouble playing the audio above...you can hear the full version below...

Ray J. recently responded to the controversy in an interview check out what he had to say...

***Special Thanks to Rel for staying in touch...

Check out a few related pics & a photo of Monica & her daughters after the cut...


  1. good job odara! lol at the watermarks on the pic...

    hopefully you get some shine for this and shed some light on the norwood situation.

  2. you know I had to watermark the ish up...you know ninjas...

    anyway I just need you to get back in the studio it's time to release the rest of the heat on the ppl...LMAO!!! Lemme know if you need Ike to talk to your PO 4 ya..=)

  3. I jumped to an initial assumption that he was full of shit when I heard about this situation, but I held off my reaction because my blog fam made a few good points. Unfortunately, C-Dove and this interview proved my assumptions were correct from the beginning and it pissed me off!

    I was prepared to have a little sympathy for C-Dove until he proved that he's really doing this to further a non-existent music career. He's pissed that the Norwood's didn't grant him an entrance into the music business so he's using this situation to further his "career."

    I honestly believe if Brandy or Ray J were regular joes, working 9-5 pissy jobs he wouldn't have caused all this hoopla about it. Not once did he harp on the fact he wanted to really know and belong to his family and that's wha causing him pain. He's pissed about not being put on and that's shady.

    I'm very upset because this is a sensitive subject to MANY people out here and he make genuine people wanting to meet their families look stupid.

    I've heard his music and if he thinks he's "what the games been missing" then he's delusional as hell. Maybe Ray J didn't put him on because he sucks. Did that ever cross his mind? There is enough garbage floating around, so we don't need him and Ray J bs music on the airwaves.

    However, the sister seems more genuine and I respect her point of view. She needs to talk some sense into C-Dove because if this is the way he present himself then he won't get far in this industry.

    Great job on the interview O! Too bad it was wasted on bs.

  4. OMG...THAT DUDE LOOKS JUST LIKE RAY J...and his sister looks just like Brandy...looks like somebody had a whole nother family then tipped out!!!

  5. O, you finally put it up! You did a bang up job with how you set the post up. You already know how I feel about Ray-J so for me, it's kinda like, regardless of the real root of the issue behind this C-Dove's motives, I'll never be team Ray-J.
    I understand Red's point of view on the matter but as for my own, I feel like there is some genuine pain and resentment behind being abandoned by your parent, only to see that parent nurture some other kids - PUBLICALLY. I don't know what that feels like but I would think that could cause some helluva psychological issues that may or may not ever be interpreted favorably. Is there some jealousy there? That's a no brainer, but I think there is some real pain there more. With that said, i'ma jus' leave my comment there.

    Good job, again, O!

  6. Glad to see that there was atleast 1 other person that gave him a chance without just jumping to conclusions, I heard about it through other blog sites and all were saying he wanted to kill his brother....I checked out his Myspace page and also found the YouTube interview

    When is Mr.Willie Norwood going to say something?

  7. I'm not taking away from what he may been feeling in regards to being a "prodigal son," but there is still a lot of bullshit involved. How do we even know what he's saying is true? Maybe they did try to connect with him on some level. Unless we talk to ALL parties involved then we will never know. So no I won't jump on his bandwagon or anyone else for that matter.

    I have two older brothers by different mothers. I can understand both sides. I also know ulterior motives when I see them.

  8. OK here's my take on everything...

    The whole situation involves Adults who all seem to be capable of making Adult decisions. I have to be HONEST here...out of his own mouth he made it very clear that he has no interest in creating a bond with his estranged family. I'm sure there's a lot of residual anger behind those statements. It’s natural to be upset BUT what concerns me more is the fact that his resentment seems to be more so geared towards his brother Ray J; when clearly it should be directed @ his father Willie. I haven’t been in a situation as such so I don’t know how it feels. But what I do know is that neither Brandy nor Ray J should be depicted as the culprits. They have NOTHING to do with their father’s decision to be an absent parent. And for Ray J to even respond to the situation that alone shows he has some kind of feeling about it…unlike his father who’s said NOTHING. But it also goes back to my theory that there are always 3 sides to a story and right now we only have 1 to go on.

    *scenario* So lets say Odara finds out she’s related to Beyonce & dem. Would Odara be upset??? HELL YEAH!!! And I’d have my people drawing up the legal documents pronto…so I could get power of attorney over that wig crypt & rack up on my stash of lace fronts that I’ve been deprived from all these years…

    ^^^OK I went totally left field with that & have no idea what my point was…

    Anyway…it’s only right for me to state the obvious…I think he’s upset because in some way he saw this as a way out & it was like pouring salt on an open wound once he realized who his relatives were. I have to base my opinions on REALITY! Not everyone is destined to take certain paths in life. At some point it’s up to us to make the choice to move forward without holding on to bitterness & resentment. Building a career or surrounding your life with suppressed feelings will always END with regrets. I’m a firm believer in following your dreams…but @ whose expense are we trying to build these dreams???

    HOWEVER…I think it’s more important to address the REAL issue. Which is the fact that Willie Norwood “Fucked Up”…And according to C-Dove & Monica; he’s made no REAL attempt to make a connection. To act as if that part of your life was none existent is Cold Hearted & TRIFE… I think the whole ordeal is very touchy because these are people’s lives we’re dealing with. Bringing this situation to light was not just for controversy; it’s something that stems from hurt. In the course of the interview Monica stated that all they wanted is “acknowledgment” of the fact that they are his children. Do I think that’s too much to ask for??? HELL NO!!! Every child has the right to know who their father is. They have that right & I ain’t mad @ them for doing everything they can to exercise that right!

  9. Well coming from a family history exactly the same, I understand how Brandy and Ray J feel. My father from Mississippi as well had another child(ren)and we find out about her existing. I honestly feel if the father did not care much to bring all his kids together so they can meet and greet then leave it alone and live your life in the words of T.I. lol.
    This is a very touchy subject and there is alot of pain behind the scenes, I know because I am going through the same thing as well. I don't want to know the little girl, I am happy with my older sisters and brother, I guess you can say I love being the baby to my siblings eyes.
    Its alot to deal with but I truly understand how the Norwood family may feel. I agree with what someone said earlier, I believe that he should focus his anger on his father and not Brandy and Ray J.I wish I could but my father is deceased to ask any questions. Plus, Mr. C-Dove, is mad because he missed out on the money and fame.

  10. Its easy to say that c-dove is just lashing out because he wishes his life was different wouldn't you do the same? I didn't even bother to listen to the interview I just don't care that much but as a person who has two side siblings aka half-brother half-sister I know the realty of the situation. But my dad wasn't a punk and he acknowledge all his kids so all my siblings know about each other and hell one of the half's even live here now his moms died.

    So family relationships are complicated especially when you have a father that blatantly ignores his flesh and blood and then raises other children with someone else there will always be resentment because of that, because the father chose to ignore one family and lavish love for whatever reason on his 2nd family. Like he got a do-over and said fuck the past that shit is hurtful and wrong.

    Its not about money it's about genetics its about the fact that this dude didn't give a fuck about one set of children and left them to fend for themselves. Where there is a will there is a way, and willie sr choose to do the easiest thing which was turn his back on his other family to appease and raise the one with sonia and that is unforgivable and stank IMO.

  11. I just found out about this whole thing. Late I know! lol! But it's sad that they didn't have a father and that he's a one sided dad. However, C-Dove just want to be seen and want some money. And nothing he says make sense. And his approach is real negative and Mrs. Norwwood is not going to promote such nonsense. C-Dove wants attention. And his brother & sister don't want nothing to do with HIM. And why would they fear your broke ass. Boy sit down and get an education. You mad they got money and you do not! If you were a kid I would feel sorry for you, but your a grown ass man! And Monia get away from this guy and live your life just has you have. You have went your whole life without this ass of a dad and without the super star sisters & brothers, so just keep them out of your new plans. C-Dove, you are not going to make it if your doing this for fame. And monica seem more trust worthy. Finally, you both are grown and if you wanted a dad, he wasn't there, now you know what to do with your kids. And C-Dove keep going on these radio interviews talking about his half famous family trying to get on. Boy you grown! If you really serious about your music leave your half famous family out of the news, unless that's the way of getting notice! Yeah! I think that's what you trying to do, and forget about saying I am hating, cause even your sister Monica knows that! She just don't want to call you out on it. Shit, she can't even get a word in during the interview for your cd promote and dissing ass. She just want her dad to say he's her dad! You just want to know why you weren't on tv like Brandy! You just want to have had a piece of the pie! Oh! It was so hard for you C-Dove! It's called choice. When we are kids we can't control what happens, but when we get grown we can determine our past from our future! I grew up with nothing and my mom and dad was married and live around the corner from me while I live with my grandmother and my dad beat the crap out of my mom daily! And I live in the house with grandma and my drug dealing cousin! But I had a choice to be my environment or over come it! I over came and left the past in the past! I for gave my parents and move forward. I went to college and got married and had a child. Successful and thank god for allowing me to grow with now a stable home and teach my daughter the difference between the two. You can hate your past but as adults you can direct your future! Grow up C-Dove! Monica rise your daughters to have better choice in men and that's your dad and brother! Peace

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