"Reading Is Fundamental"

I'm only sharing this story because I don't want to see another sista fall victim to the same misfortunes in which I'm dealing with right now...

I pray that I can get through this post without tearing up.

So I'm your typical girly type chic right and I like to keep things smooth. And we all know we're in a RECESSION so a trip to the spa is mos def out of the question! Sorry if I lose some of the fellas on this one but MOST of us "ladies" have a routine when it comes to what I like to call "maintenance"... i.e. (waxing, shaving etc.)

well unless of course you're one of those "EARTHY" type chics...

So for the most part I usually wax/shave underneath my arms etc.etc.etc.. LOL!!! But for some strange reason I was in the mood to try something "NEW"...

Yep! Nair Shower Power...Now I can't even lie; I've definitely had bad experiences with Nair in the past but that was a LONNNNNG time ago. I figured I'd give it another shot. And heck Nair's products have changed drastically over the years...(well so I thought) So I NEVER actually READ directions & shit because I just like to go for it...and HELL it was just cream & a sponge...self explanatory RIGHT??? Layer on the cream, let it sit for a couple of minutes then sponge the ish off...and VoĂșla!!!

But in the mix of the simplicity somehow things went wrong...it went terribly WRONG!!! So I'm probably about 2.5 minutes into the deal when all of a sudden my pitts start to feel quite strange. It started off as this warm tingly feeling and in the matter of seconds...

I was on FIRE!!!

My natural instincts kicked in and all I could think to do was put out the blaze. I scrubbed that ish off with the quickness & started to soothe the area with cold water. BUT... it was still BURNING!!! So now I'm blowing underneath my arms tryna get some relief....lmao!!! the shit was still stinging...VIOLENTLY...stinging. Then I noticed that I was bleeding....oh SHIT!!!! my effing underarm was BLEEDING! I wanted to cry...

But I had to man up and handle the ish...LOL!!!

Hell yeah it burned..but I had to use the stuff...I didn't want to get an infection. So finally the bleeding stopped & now my underarms were feeling all delicate, raw & tender...(sorry for the mental pic) LOL!

I guess those are the consequences I have to pay for not READING the directions nor the active ingredients.

Usually when I try new products I checkout the customer reviews on the net, just to get the feedback of people who've actually used the ish. So I looked this Nair Shower ish up online last night & low and behold the REVIEWS were painful to READ...LMAO!!!
A few reviews from DrugStore.com

And with that being said people...Please READ & RESEARCH new products before buying them...Now my ass is sitting here feeling like I have 3rd degree burns & shit...LMAO!!! I still tear up when I put on my deodorant & when the slightest gentle breeze hits underneath my arms....JEZUZ TAKE THE WHEEL!!!!


  1. OMG, poor O. Be glad you didn't use it on "her downstairs." They would have had to call a ambulance for you.

    Awwww, oh man, lord knows I've been there. Guys jus' don't know WHAT we go thru to maintain, smh.

    When I saw the picture of the fire, that made my stomach hurt with laughter, lol!!!!

    Nair is the devil, man. I can't count the number of times I left that sh** on for a minute longer than the box said and ended up wiping my skin off too. :(
    Hell, i'll stick with Schick.

  3. damn all that in the name of beauty, good thing you didn't try and put it on your upper lip or something you would be walking around looking like you got the herpes.

  4. thats what you get for trying to be all french like youre into personal grooming. YOU AINT GOT TO LIE CRAIG!! i have a story even worse than that but believe it or not even I have my limits

  5. @n0days0ff....Puhleeeeeeeeze SHARE!!! PLEASE!!! so I can CLOWN!!!! LMAO

  6. You know something told me not to keep reading, but i couldn't turn away...WHY DID I KEEP READING??!?!?!?

    LOL, this is a nice blog, i'll have to keep checkin you out. Easy.


  7. That reminds me of a waxing gone bad, but for the sake of you good folks I won't expound.....

  8. lol!! Odeezy you should of asked me, i coulda told ya. I had the same thing happen cept it was my legs. That shit hurt! we should sue...lmao

  9. Oooohhh Ouch! I was thinking about giving Nair a shot, but after reading this...I'm good. I too will stick to shaving. lol

  10. Oh damn!! The things you ladies go through to be beautiful.

  11. ROFLMFAO!! Girl you made me spit out my Rooty Tooty Fresh n Fruity laughing at you! I know your pain.. I've tried that Nair crap a few months ago and my underarms are still sensitive to shaving.. they don't need to recommend that crap to nobody but fire walkers cause I can't do it!


  12. LOL @ Rdubb...not "fire walkers" hahaha!!! girl that stuff is suicidal..LMAO!!!

  13. LOL . I will stick to shaving after hearing this. Reading all this made my underarms hurt lol.