Remember this song from the "Panther" soundtrack??? It came on randomly in my playlist the other night & brought back some memories...Check the vid, it had a lot of cameos & various singers...

and the rap version...

You know it got me thinking about some things too. I remember the story my mother once told me about how as a little girl she woke up in the middle of the night and saw a cross burning in their front yard. At first the story seemed far fetched & kind of hard to digest because I think @ the time she told me about this I was naive; not @ the fact of it happening but I guess because I came to the realization that this wasn't that long ago.

We may take it for granted but we all are living & witnessing history in the making. There's been a lot of negativity, racism & prejudice arising in the midst of the current presidential campaign. Which to me was to be expected. Truth of the matter is Prejudice still & will always exist but it's up to us to make the decision of what we allow to make imprints on our purpose.

In the sense of the word we may be FREE...but Freedom has yet to prevail...

and while we're on the subject...

I really need for YOU....

and YOU...

to STFU & Sit The F*ck down..because I don't recollect anybody nominating either of you to be the spokesmen for the "Knee-grows"....Yall are saying a lot but yet absolutely NOTHING...

I'm NOT telling you who to vote for but I am telling you to VOTE! Contrary to popular belief it does make a difference & if I hear one more ignorant mofo steady complaining about sh*t but yet their not even REGISTERED to vote...I swear I'm gonna do this on their damn FACE!!!

and this has been a Public Service Accouncement...Thank You!!! LOL


  1. "And if Al Sharpton is speaking for me
    Somebody get him the word and tell him I don't approve"

    Good PSA ma'am

  2. LOL!!! My sentiments exactly @ Jesse and Al. HATERS!!!

  3. Good post. Both of those fools could talk until their blue in the face but the will never be are than exactly what they are now; Ish talk, 2-faced fools.

  4. I took a blind date to see PANTHER...she was about 6'4" and she burned me in the forehead with her Swisher Sweet that she was smoking when she gave me a hug.

    That was the highlight of the date.

    no, I take that back, the highlight was watching Bruhman from the 4th floor stand up in that Black Panther meeting and say "When we gonna get us some guns?"

    no, Mark Curry playing a NOI bad ass, that was even funnier than YoYo playing a pregnant teenager

    wait...the highlight really was when my blind date asked me if she was giving me a "chubby".

    a chubby. and she wasn't even British.

  5. TYROC!!!!!! Hey you!

    & lmao @ that story...does this mean you get flashbacks when someone mentions watching Panther??? hahaha