"Four Letter Word"

Misery needs company...maybe that's why I'm living so comfortably
Still hesitant...I refuse to give in...but he sees through this thick skin
In his arms I feel no restoration...how could I be so comfortable & still yet so distant?
Relentless echoes of his baritone whisper those embellished three words…
Accompanied by a delicate breathless kiss.
Although we spoke no words, silence shaped its thunderous approach.
His fingertips seized my neck, his palms pierced with flames.
His hand slowly caresses my skin & makes its way down to the small of my back.
My body trembles in anticipation of what’s to come.
As I glance into his eyes I see a reflection of mine
His skin...so reminiscent of jet black winter skies
I inhale him completely until his rhythm becomes mine
In intimacy I feel home...But in his heart a guest is how I reside
The truth is breached & imprinted somewhere in my mind
My thoughts trample through every peak & bend
Only to yield through this particular season.
A low and raspy voice whispers do you love me?
My mind slips in & out of the present & takes me to a place with scents so reminiscent of distant rain.
Do I love him?
How could one bring his thoughts to fashion words so thoughtless and impure?
Is it not evident in my kiss?
Does the warmth from my skin not create a manifestation that echoes throughout his soul?
Do our rhythmic hearts not portray signs of affection when our spirits become one?
If I spoke those three words would it solidify him enough reason to speak them unto me?
These words have no rhythm…
These words channel my silence...
My silence channels my anger...
My anger closes these walls...
Walls in which he once called home...put his name on it...wrote it in stone....

Misery needs company...but I'm still living comfortably
Night after Night I feel his touch imprinted in my skin
Daylight arises & I'm hesitant all over again...
Do I love him?
Still can't fashion my lips to speak those words...
To be continued...


  1. Thats awesome!!! Did u write that poem Odara?

  2. @Anon..Thanks!!! & Yes I wrote it!

  3. Great poem O. I thought you wrote it specifically about me for a minute! lol Why can't it just be easy? *sulks*

  4. LOL @ Red...I know I know...its definitely NOT easy..LMAO..."Is so cold in the D"...LMAO!!!!!!

    @BJ...STFU, somehow i KNEW you were gonna ask that...

  5. Niiiice Odeezy! I didn't know you had it in you! More... encore!!


  6. What!? I go away for one day and O unleashes her poetic side!?

    Damn, girl, this took me back to my Arabesque Novel days! Had me seeing the moment and what not....

    Awesome poem, Dizzle.

  7. LMAO!!! not the arabesque novels...hhahahha...

    thx chic!

  8. *peeks in room*


    *rooms out of room*

    LOL, nice poem lady..you getting all deep on us.

  9. *runs out of room*

    damn its it a good thing it's friday

  10. hahah @ Bammy!!! I agree tho... "Eff Luv"