"Those Were The Days..."

So I was over @ Hip-Hop Universe & they had a thread about what were your favorite movies as a kid...Brought back a lot of memories & I just thought I'd share mine with the fam...

The NeverEnding Story....

Who could forget Falcor??? The big ass flying dog...

The Witches...

This movie use to scare the sh*t outta me...Best part of the ENTIRE movie was when they turned into rats...

Annie (The Original)

"It's A Hard Knock Life" Man me & my sister would watch this religiously & we knew all the songs too...

Fievel "An American Tale"

"Somewhere Out There" I still cry when Fievel & his sister sing this...LOL

What were your favorite movies as a kid???


  1. Do you remember "Teen Witch" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teen_Witch) with the psychic played by the Poltergeist lady and she turned the nerdy girl into the popular girl... I remember singing "I wann beeeeeeeee the most popular girrrrrrrrrrrl" My best friend and I watched tht movie religiously, it came on like every weekend....

    by the way, i'm a dork....

  2. I LOVED The Neverending Story!

    My favorite movies were "The Breakfast Club," "License to Drive", and "The Babysitters Club." I still watch those movies to this day!

  3. LOL @ Alise...YES!!! I remember Teen Witch I was always a sucker for movies that burst out into musicals @ any given moment...LOL

    OMG @ Red....girl I was a MEMBER of the Babysitters Club....hahhahah...had a members card & every book in the collection too...until my mama got mad & cut off the supply....LOL!!!

  4. I was trying to think of the name of The NeverEnding story recently and couldn't remember it for anything! Thanks for reminding me! I pretty much kept "Peter Pan", "My Girl", and Michael Jackson's "Moonwalker" in high rotation back in the day.

    Nice blog!

  5. neverending story
    the goonies <--CLASSIC
    ferris bueller day off
    weird science

  6. OMG, I CANNOT watch Fivel...makes me cry every single time, he was just so sad!!! When he found out that he was lost and he wanted his family...I just fell apart as a kid

  7. I'm with Anonymous! I can't watch Feivel either, i will boo hoo until the sun comes up!

    I hated that dog in the Never Ending Story, lol!!! But O, we have the same mind 'cause I used to be scared at the Witches of Eastwick too!

    I still have the original Annie movie on DVD. My favorite part was when she found Sandy and he was runnin' from those goons with those cans tied to his tail. Great memories, O!

  8. O.. why you list all the things I was watching as an "older" teenager.. loved Fievel and Neverending Story, but here are some of my all time greats:

    Superman (the original)
    Bad News Bears (the original)
    Charlotte's Web (the original)
    Lord of the Rings (of course the original)
    Escape to Witch Mountain - (what ya'll know about that?)
    Freaky Friday
    Muppet Movie (the first one)
    Oh God
    Pete's Dragon
    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    The Wiz
    Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

    (yeah I know I've told my age with those.. LOL)

  9. MAN!!!3
    Errybody is STEALIN mine! Geesh!

    Never Ending Story (all of em #1 is the best.."she is a child-like empress.."
    The Goonies
    The Wiz
    The babysitters club (i still have all the books cus i'm convinced the gon be worth some $)
    American Tale ( and all the others)
    and ALL the bratpack movies

  10. Some of mine were as follows:

    "Purple Rain"
    "The Godfathers"
    "The Wiz"
    "Saturday Night Fever"