"I Ain't Been Right Since"

If you asked anyone that knows me...they'd tell you that I'm a HUGE animal lover. In fact if I was given a preference I'd choose animals over humans any day! LOL.....but hey hey now, not in any kind of freakish way...you nasty McFreaky's...(smh) Animals just make the best kind of friends, unlike humans their not iffy...there's no in between they either like you or they don't...they wag their tails or they bite the shit outta you. Either way if you treat them right they love unconditionally & you've got a friend for life.

Which is why I remember the day I got my first REAL pet. Now we had family pets before but this time was different...this was my chance to show my daddy that I could be responsible & I was so prepared to make him proud. I remember like it was yesterday...I had to be around 12yrs old when my dad took me to the humane society & let me pick out the cutest little kitten in the WORLD! She was a Siamese Himalayan...very fluffy...very cute...

I named her Misty...

Me & Misty quickly grew fond of each other. We were inseparable...

I thought I'd have her forever...that was until my dreams quickly came to a tragic halt. I was taking a nap & woke up to the sound of my mom & dad in the living room talking. I overheard daddy say "What are we gonna tell Odara?" At that moment I knew something was wrong... I sat up in the bed & tried to listen in but couldn't make out what else was being said. So I hopped up & ran into the living room. "Tell me what?" I asked. Then my dad gave my mother a quick glance & threw his hands in the air..."Odara your cat is DEAD..."

Now, daddy had NEVER been the sentimental type so I don't know why I thought he was gonna break the news to me gently. "Misty's DEAD"...yep that's exactly how he said it.

My heart dropped...I didn't know whether to scream or to cry! I knew I had to do something dramatic, so I took off running down the hallway & locked myself into the bathroom...I slid to the floor & cried my eyes out. Let's just say Daddy didn't appreciate the drama so he knocked on the bathroom door & demanded that I get my behind outta there. I should've known better...

that dramatic shit was only excusable if you lived with these folks...

I think I forgot that I lived with these ninja's....

Before I got the chance to dust off the crime scene & find out what really happened to Misty...my Daddy brought me the disturbing details of how she died. He overheard the neighbor telling his wife that she needs to go next door & tell us what she had done.

Come to find out the bitch laced the yard with some of this....

and left Misty in the middle of the street looking like this....

I just broke down all over again...this time Daddy felt bad, he HAD to give me a hug...

I never even got the chance to give my Misty the proper burial...Daddy had already tossed her ass in the trash can...(smh)

So Misty...this songs dedicated to you...



  1. Poor Odeezy! At least your parents told you the truth straight up.. mine had to wait until after I was an adult to tell me what "officially" happened to my Akita/German Shepherd mix Krypto.. yeah he was supposed to be Superman's dog (hey I was 12 too) *sings Christopher Reeve is still superman to meeeee*

    These blogs can be therapy can't they?? LOL!

  2. hahaha...girl yeah it is therapeutic..I love venting from time to time...& cool you had a dog named Krypto!!! I like that name =D

    and LOL @ your parents waiting until you were grown to tell you...hahaha!!! They didn't want to hurt your feelings...so sweet =D

  3. i'm sorry your cat died.. but you funny as hell with this one. lol

  4. I don't mean to laugh because i've BEEN there when my hamster died but AHAHAHAHAHHHAHH!!!!!!

    Oh, poor Misty!!! And poor YOU!!!! No you didn't bring the Evanses into this! I don't know where you found these pictures - especially of the flattened dead cat but I swear you made me laugh so hard with this entire post! LOL!!!!!!!!

  5. I'm sorry but I was LMFAO at this post. I don't like anything that can't cook their own food or clean their own a** so pets aren't my thing. Seeing the pic of that cat splattered out like that just took me over the edge!

    Sorry for your loss O...*FTFO*

  6. awww Im sorry you, your dad reminds me of my hubby, he gave it to you raw..this was a cute blog!

  7. What no Crossroads?!?!?! You are so silly. So was today the anniversary of her death..or u just needed to let out? Go ahead, let out..cry. I got your back.
    LOL @ u..

  8. Awwwwww, reminds of the horror of finding my very first kitten (nee Muffin) dead at the door of my first apartment after a long day at work... I freaked out and stood outside until my then boyfriend drove from across town to "dispose" of my beloved Muffin. cause of death: exterminators sprayed that day and my kitty ingested some of whatever they sprayed. I'll pour out a little liquor for our kitties. (Note: said liquor will be poured into my cup of cranberry juice...)