"Hot Dog...Hot Diggity Dog."

There was a bad guy in town...

Causing all kind of TROUBLE....

Thought he could kidnap our friends...

But I just got word to CANCEL the APB...

He's back....and now there's ONLY one thing to do...


  1. LMAO! awwww, making a nigga feel special and shit!

    *looks for a fool singing*

    where is it?

  2. hahhahaha...don't feel too special...I still got my Gangsta card!!!!

    It's up on Red's site...I'm gonna put it in my sidebar in a min.

  3. I think Minnie Mouse use to dance in the club...look @ her in that vid...hahahahhaha!!!! She's gotta be black!

  4. *takes a screenshot and prints*

    my own blog post...

    2 in one week!

  5. What da hell are you talkin' about???? That's 1 post???

  6. Ahhhh I love this post Odara! How cute. We missed you Shep.

    FTFO @ Minnie dancing in her too big pumps. She was getting it though lol.

  7. Welcome back homie... I'm LMAO @ Mickey Mouse and his amazing friends singin "Hot Diggity Dog!" LMAO!!!

  8. sane has one already, now you do

    *pops collar*

    reddy red! <----copyrighted

    mack i see you made it over here! watch out for this gull, her bark is bigger than her bite!

  9. BJ you always starting trouble....don't be tryna scare Mack off....

    & quit poppin' yo collar ninja...lmfao

    & you can copyright Reddy Red!!! Just know that I've copyrighted...~Lady Red~

    take that...take that

  10. trust me, i WONT be using "lady red" lol

  11. I am SO late with this but this so cute and so funny! LOL!!! i'm LOVIN' that pic of 'ole bad ass Ike Turner.

    "eat the cake, Anna Mae"