"Weekend Eargasm...Note Worthy Tracks From The 90's"

It's that time again...Being a fan of the one hit wonders & all...I just wanted to Highlight a few tracks that will forever stay in rotation in my Ipod...

Gina Thompson-The Things You Do

Man this was my song....I remember this video so clearly too. With Biggie & Puff's ass in it. And in case you forgot...this is where Missy Elliot made her debut with the Hee-Hee-Hee-Hee-Howwww....LOL....girlie did have talent, just another victim of Diddy's raft I guess...

Blackgirl-90's Girl

I LOVED this song...this was definitely the ONLY good track on the CD. My sister actually graduated from her modeling class strutting the runway to this song.....(I would've put the video up but she'd KILL me) hhahahahahaha!!!!

A+-All I See

I don't even know if this was a hit & on top of that the instrumentals sounded like they were made in the basement of someone's momma's house BUT this is one of the first songs I knew from beginning to end...Hope he got the royalty's from the cassette tape I bought & still have...LOL
"We Hooked Like Drugs...Was On My Way To Being A Thug Till You Showed Me Love"...

Sweet Sable-Old Times Sake

"Smokin' A Blunt & Sippin On A Heineken" just a girl singing about having a GOOD time in the hood...Definitely a classic!

Monifah-I Miss You (Come Home)

Girlie was kinda like a classy Adina Howard (if that makes sense?) But the first time I saw the video to this song with Heavy D & AZ in it I was officially a STAN....I literally have all her music...Eff what you heard Monifah could sing!

DRS-Gangsta Lean

Way before Bone Thugs were poetically riding hardcore beats. DRS were the first to give us a taste of Thug R&B...Nothing sexier than Gangsta's harmonizing & sh*t..."I Tip My 40 To Your Memory" ...


I don't even remember if this one was actually released as a single but it was definitely one of the best tracks on the album. Remember they came out with that song 'This Little Game We Play' featuring 702...

Nuttin Nyce-What Can I Say To You (To Justify My Love)

I remember these chics from the Low Down Dirty Shame Soundtrack...even though some of their lyrics were a little on the raunchy side they could still sing...And Justify My Love featuring Hi-Five was my SONG!!!!!!

Whitehead Brothers-Your Love Is A 187

Ooooooooh....The fact that I can still play this CD in it's entirety minus a track or two is definitely an understatement...These boys definitely put in work...I'm just mad they didn't survive...LOL...

Now for the visual...yeah the video sucked but the song made up for that...


  1. Thank you for taking me back...We had some great music then....

  2. I miss the 90's......sigh

  3. I so miss the 90's. You could actually dance to that music. And we actually had dance steps with real names! *SIGH*

  4. See, this is why we're friends!

    I still have my WHITEHEAD BROTHERS album and i'm proud of it. My all time favorite track is "Forget I Was A G". They also had a nice ballad called "Beautiful Black Princess" on there too.

    You already know I was a fan of SUBWAY, even though they REALLY did fall into the one hit category with FIRE.

    MONIFAH was my girl! My favorite track of hers was and will always be "You Don't Have To Love Me".
    P.S. - why does she look just like Tichina Arnold ( the way she looks like now ) in that album cover picture??

    BLACK GIRL, I tried to support them based on one ballad I heard them sing on Soul Train but after I bought their entire album and played it, I determined that that mess SUCKED!!!

    I do remember A+ - he was a contemporary of ABC - BEFORE Kriss Kross emerged but A+ never quite caught on since he didn't have a gimick that stuck. Still, i'd love to see what he looks like now, all grown up and what not.


  5. "Fire" and "187" are still in rotation on my self made compilation cd's. Subway cd was off the chain. I remember they came and performed at my high school (one of the members went to school with me). They came with 112, Jason Weaver, Monica, and Public Announcement I believe. I wish I could go back to those days. *sighs*