"So You Want A Ride Or Die Chic...Oh Really?"

So I got a few things on my mind & I needed a little incite. I was having a hilarious convo with my homeboy. He was basically giving me the side-eye & said I was Trife for admitting that I wouldn't be down for my man if he got into an altercation w/ another brotha. It's NOT the fact that I wouldn't be down for my man...because when the time comes I'm DOWN like 4 flat tires...BUT I for damn sure ain't taking no punches for his ass...not from a dude! unh unh...no way...no how. So in the midst of this convo it gave me inspiration to pose one question; What exactly is a ride or die chic?

Picture this if you will

You & your guy are chillin' @ a fly little reggae spot around the way. The vibe is right & the atmosphere is perfect. Then out of nowhere some liquored up JERK starts making disrespectful passes @ you right in front of your MAN!!! Without hesitation your MAN jumps up like a Beastly Lion protecting his turf & asks "Aye nickka you got a problem?" the JERK then makes one final obscene gesture @ you...THEN your MAN promptly goes in for the kill...

While your sitting back in the cut sipping an Amaretto Sour & watching your MAN give ole' boy the ROYAL beat down you notice things have taken a sudden turn for the worst...

Your MAN is getting his ASS kicked!!! What's a girl to do??? You have 1 of 3 options...

1. Throw Dem Bo's: Drop that drank! Kick off them stilettos, Grab that bottle then get hood & hit that nickka upside the head wit' it...if that doesn't go as planned you could always jump on dudes back & bite a bitch...then once your MAN is free from the Jerk's headlock you & your boo can double team his ass...(LOL)

2. Call The Goons: Whip out the celly & call every cousin in the Trap...Rico, Big Dame, Pee-Wee, Krunchy Black & dem...you already know they are some certified headbussa's & they can be in the building faster than a crackhead snatching a wallet from an unsuspecting tourist.

3. Get Ghost & Disappear: Yeah you got your man's back & your watching it WAY back in the corner & underneath the table...No need in the both of you getting folded by Deebo's big ass...BUT you still let your MAN know your with him in spirit by yelling out an occasional "DUCK & WEAVE BABY!!!"...

Either way one of you is guaranteed to be leaving in one of these...

and the other one in some of these...

I'm not sure what classifies as a Ride or Die chic...But coming from my perspective I probably don't fit the prototype. (LOL)

pit bull in a skirt...nope not me...

???....unh unh

wouldn't even wanna make eye contact with her...she might beat me up just because....

Fellas be honest...would you be mad if your girl didn't jump in YOUR fight? I mean do you REALLY expect us to take a few blows in your honor??? Yes we want to know that you've got our back and I'll admit it's sexy when your claiming your throne...BUT...All I'm saying is please don't underestimate the dude your tryna take down...Because if shit doesn't go as planned I need to know what it is you want me to do...Can we come up with a game plan? A predetermined strategy? I just wanna be well prepared the next time shit like this pops off...(LOL)

And please don't be mad @ me if I decide to cop out...I promise to kiss his wounds & put the scooby doo bandages on with extra love :)


  1. I wouldn't classify myself as "Ride Or Die", but I'm down for my man. I ain't no dummy, I'm sorry, if he's getting his @ss whooped by a dude and it's just him and the dude, then hell yeah, I'm jumpin in some way, some how. But if he's getting jumped on by a couple of dudes... uhhhh *finger in my mouth lookin from side to side*... you on yo own bruh.

    When I say I'm down for my man, I mean in the sense that I got his back through damn near anything BUT a physical altercation where I know we're out numbered. C'mon now! I love you boo, but if you're just MY MAN and you not my husband, you ain't worth me comin out of this with a broken nose, busted lip, and a black eye!!! NO SUH!!!

  2. i've had this conversation plenty of times and it depends. first of all, i am always going to maintain my composure. i'm a man damn it. however, there are very few instances where i'll summon up the power of my inner nigger.

    the only thing i require of my lady is to NOT get me into the middle of shit.

    now the situation changes if trouble finds me. i expect my lady to FIRST help me defuse the situation. if we can avoid it, let's do that.

    however, there are some situations we can't avoid. so the question becomes, can i handle shit? if i'm whoopin on someone's ass, stickin and movin.. i ask that she be my concious. someone is gon have to quell my inner nigger and keep me from killin someone.

    IF I AM GETTIN MY ASS WHOOPED.. you go pick up some shit and start swinging. no bottles. get a chair, pipe, bat, stick. if it's small, let it be a knife and get to jiggin niggas in they legs.

    the point is, in my opinion, a ride or chick is a chick that stands by her man wishes. that's to shut up, stand by, pay attention, and take action if necessary. lol

  3. lol, bout damn time you got the post up! see, candy got the right idea. i wouldnt expect my lady to help me if i got jumped cause i wouldnt want her to get hurt but if it's one on one and she can get some shots in.....GO FOR IT!!! i can laugh at that shit later when i play it back in my mind. i just dont want her to treat me like gina did martin after he boxed tommy hearns, lol. if i ask for a kiss, i BETTER get one :-)

    odara wouldnt hurt a fly....

  4. bzzzzzzzz @ BJ....I hurt flies on the daily....hahahahha

    But 4real i would get a drop kick in if the dude is already on the ground but if he's standing up tryna box & shit....I ain't in it....I'll call the goons!

    LOL...I loved that martin episode when his head got all swollen...HAH!!!

    @Prez I agree w/ the whole not finding trouble thing...

  5. After years of dealing with jealous baby daddies and sprung fools who strung out on ol girl me and my lady worked out a gameplan that works to this day...

    Run and teach your girl how to run...

    Getting beat up or shot over some games that people play is for suckas...

    live to "fight" another day, I say...

  6. See Tyroc that's what I'm saying....We just invest in some good running shoes & bounce....That saves both parties the headache... HhahhahahahaH!!!!!!

  7. I don't know. I just couldn't sit back and watch my man take a beat down. I'm going to help in some kinda way, AND THEN I'm going to call the goons for payback for what we couldn't get accomplished then and there. Seeing that I don't start trouble, and the people I surround myself with don't either, us getting in a confrontation was beyond our control, so we're going to get it under control by any means necessary.

    One on one, I'm all over it. He's not taking an ass whipping on my watch. Getting jumped, yeah I'll just have my camera phone out trying to take pics of who did it so we can get em' later. lol

  8. One on one if I have things under control then there`s no need for my lady to get involved. However, if I`m gettin` my ass whipped then hopefully an Angela Davis can rise up in her. If I`m confronted by more than one guy then that`s a whole different story.

  9. my thing is, nobody "just fights" anymore. Everybody doing it "the Chicago Way". Somebody ALWAYS has a gun or has it in the car or knows somebody who has one nearby.

    hell, I don't want my woman to get in the middle of no grown ass men fighting, period. Do me a favor, boo, if we ain't running by now and I'm getting my ass whooped? Call 9-1-1...Hurry!

  10. Hiya Terence!!! Thx 4 dropping by dude!!!

    I'm still on the fence about this subject...Truth is I don't know what I'd do...

    But...I agree @Tyroc people are dying over senseless things these days...most of the time it's just not worth it!!!

  11. Hilarious post! lol!!!
    I for one am a ride or die chick but my dude would never end up in a head lock. Somebody would get their arm broke first before THAT ever happened.

    Your pictures had me dyin'! The whole callin' the homies thing had me rollin', but then i asked myself "how long would it take them to get there?"

    This is a awesome post. I mean a ride or die chick would have to be open to gettin' her face messed up by jumpin' in a fight with her dude and in that case, i don't know all about that. I can't chance my face gettin' messed up but if i can throw somethin' or trip somebody up then i'm game.

  12. hahhahaha @ SANE....about throwing something or tripping them up...that's a good idea...stick my foot out there & watch a fool fall... *adding that 2 my list of take down strategies*

    & yep a ninja would probably be as good as dead waiting on the goons to arrive. Look @ young berg his goons & security were w/ him but his ass still ended up on the ground & missing his chain...LOL

    & I agree i'm not tryna get my face messed up...because it's harder for a girl to explain why she has a black eye than it would be 4 a guy...LOL

  13. i would jump on tha dudees bakk n pull his hair (dreads) or i would jus punch him in his throat or kick him in tha balls i aint no hood chick but i aint nopunk and my man aint goin down like that sworry