"Where Is The Self Love???"

My blogging BFF Sane & I were just chit-chatting about how some of these celebs are messing up their faces which motioned me to do this post...

For years Black Women have always found ourselves second guessing our appearance due to the media with their unrealistic perception of what's beautiful. And it saddens me deeply when some of the most beautiful people have fallen victim to circumstance. Which brings me to the three ladies I've chosen to categorize.

Exhibit A: Kimberly Jones (aka Lil' Kim)

I remember when we were first introduced to Kim
(her Junior Mafia days) she was this petite little chic dominating the microphone next to 5 dudes...I loved her back in '95...But things rapidly went south for her after Biggie died, he was her rock not to mention he was writing her rhymes & after her follow up album to 'Hardcore' she just fell off @ a steady pace. Which more than likely led to the whole self-esteem issue I'm diagnosing her with...We've all read articles of Kim proclaiming that she 'enjoyed playing dress up as a child & always wanted to look like Barbie'...But damn who would've ever thought it would turn into such a travesty. I don't know where to begin girlie's had just about everything imaginable; cheek, breast, butt implants, lip injections & the list goes on. I don't understand it Kim was a cute girl back in the day.

Exhibit B: LaToya Jackson

LaToya was an underdog in comparison to the popularity of her brothers & sis' Janet & also quite the rebel of the bunch. And as we all know a little nip/tuck is no stranger to the Jackson family. But next to Michael, LaToya has also pushed the limits when it comes to her facial game; that nose gives me the willies. She was naturally a very pretty girl & in my opinion all of the Jackson family were blessed with great genes...So what went wrong?

Exhibit C: Vivica A. Fox

'Another One Bites The Dust'...So I guess I'm the only one who used to watch that sitcom Out All Night with Dwane Martin & Pattie Labelle...when a young Vivica Fox was introduced to us as Charisse Chamberlain
; the fast talking fashion designer with a saucy attitude. Well girlie's over 40 now & instead of aging gracefully she's decided to take the alternate route; in which I feel was so unnecessary. Although her case isn't as extreme as some of the rest it still baffles me to wonder why anyone would let someone cut on there face like that...

My Point:
I'm not knocking Plastic Surgery at all...I just think it should be done for the right reasons and yes everyone has there individualized 'right reason'. I think anyone undergoing the knife should ask themselves two important questions; Will changing my appearance change the way I feel about myself? Am I truly doing this for me? . If I took a long hard look @ myself in the mirror I could probably fill every line on a piece of notebook paper with things I dislike about my appearance...but guess what it would never result in me going under the knife to correct it. You'll never find perfection nor comfort in drastically changing who you are just for the benefit of vanity; especially if your not comfortable with addressing the REAL reason behind it. At the end of the day it's all about self love & if the way you look is what makes you love yourself then you are sadly mistaken & need to take a walk towards the TRUE definition of LOVE...

If You Think This Song Is About You...


  1. Solid post it behooves me why someone would destroy the only thing that makes them unique...thats right their face.

  2. Right, and there was nothing wrong with these people to begin with. I can see if there is something physically wrong with your face or body that is jeopardizing your health...

    damn did I spell that right?

    *opens ebonic dictionary @ jeopardize*

  3. You are so on point with this post!!! I've been saying this same thing for a while now. BTW... loves the site... a must on my blogroll! Hope you don't mind!

  4. Heeeeey Candy...Thanks 4 Dropping Through...I'm glad you like it...Of course I don't mind the blogroll...In fact I just returned the favor...good looking out...

  5. None of these women needed surgery. It messed their faces up, and it will only get worse the older they get. Kanye's mom died from this stuff, but I bet nobody learned anything..still tearing up the yellow pages to see who has the lowest PS prices. SMH I'll just sit here and be happy with these few extra pounds until my lazy butt get in the gym.

  6. @A.Red...your so right...and I forgot all about Kanye's mom & the thing with her she had a real doctor who warned her about it but sadly she did it anyway & went with an unexperienced doc which caused her the ultimate consequence.

  7. Hey! It's your blog BFF!!! Thanks for the link love, toots! I LOVE these throw back pics you have up. You did your THING!!!!
    This post is awesome!

  8. Like Rick James on the Dave Chapelle show, " That Botox is a hell of a drug!" ( LMBAO )

    Intimate Outings of Love

  9. hey tony oh!!!! yeah they say that ish is addictive....i'll pass...

  10. Plastic surgery to some celebrities is a sad addiction that they can afford to do over and over again. ie. Michael Jackson. -sigh!-