"Remix: 7 Old School Albums That Had My Neck Poppin"

Here we go again...

Special Ed-Legal: I might of been in elementary school but Special Ed was so my boyfriend. Who didn't love 'I'm The Magnificent' & my favorite 'The Mission'...and that high-top S curl was the TRUTH...

Special Ed-The Mission

Monie Love-Down to Earth: Having an older sister had it's perks. I got down with the best of them, while the other kiddies were still watching after school specials I was bumping Monie In The Middle....had no idea what it meant though...

Monie Love-Monie In The Middle

M.C. Luscious-Boom: "Boom! I Got Your Boyfriend" Rapping those lyrics had every chic on the playground hatin'...*Blows dust off cassette tape to see if it still works*

M.C. Luscious-Boom! I Got Your Boyfriend

J.J. Fad-Supersonic: "Everybody Knows J.J. Fad is Devastating"...these chics had every girl beatboxing, plus they were like the fastest female M.C.'s out...Oh the memories, me & the big sis' used to rap the hell outta this song, I was Baby-D & she was Sassy C...LMAO...."See, the 'J' is for just, the other for jammin' The 'F' is for fresh, 'A' and 'D' def"....

J.J. Fad-Supersonic

Yo-Yo-Make Way For The Motherlode: Come on!!! Yo-Yo was the ultimate around the way girl...she was hardcore but had sex appeal @ the same time...In my opinion one of the best female lyricist of all time...

Yo-Yo Ft. Ice Cube- You Can't Play With My Yo-Yo

D-Nice-Call Me D-Nice: Man D-Nice was smooth..."My name is D-Nice although I hate to admit it, Taking out you suckers and you don't know how I did it" enough said...*side-note* didn't he marry Malinda Williams?

D-Nice-Call Me D-Nice

MC Nas-D & DJ Freaky Fred-It's My Cadillac: They may not have had D's on it but they definitely introduced us to their Caddy..."Yo it's a shame, and also very funny I can have a decent girl, cuz it's all about that money When I drive my Cadillac she wants to ride in it to death If I walk I don't start talkin' cuz it's wastin' my breath"...

MC Nas-D & DJ Freaky Fred-My Cadillac (Got That Bass)


  1. whoa...there are more embarrasing ones on this than their are on the other one LOL

  2. @ Tyroc....Now you know you owned every cassette tape on the list...LOL!!!

    @Groovy...Yo-Yo is a great lyricist...

  3. I had forgotten about the "My Cadillac" joint... that was the hotness!!!!!

  4. hey alise...girl that song was my jam...I still know all the lyrics...

    *hangs head in shame* LMAO

  5. Oh my damn. I've been lookin' for an old picture of Special Ed for the longest!! LOL!!! He used to be SO fine!

    LMAO! @ JJ Fad bein' the fastest female MC'S with that wack ass "noma-noma-noma-noma-noma-noma....yeaaaaaaah, that's it"


  6. SexOnTheBeachMag.comJuly 26, 2008 at 3:14 PM

    omg....can't play with my yo yo YO YO Don't try to play me out!! awwwww the talent base back then!! Check out the Greatest Babymakin' 90s hits on my site. Also ur header on ur page is super duper cute!

  7. @sexonthebeah....thanks!!! I'm about to check you out now...